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Daddy's Bad Girl IV

Runtime: 50:44 | Added: 01/08/2023 | Featuring: Lulu Chu, Ryan Driller

Categories: Brunettes, Creampie, Natural, Stepdad, Taboo

Video Description:

An extremely frustrated Lulu (Chu) rushes into her bedroom and buries her head in her pillow, letting out a piercing scream. She's at war with her mother, exacerbated by an incident when mom lambasted her boyfriend for being with Lulu in her bedroom with the door closed, disobeying strict orders from mom.

Despite mom later apologizing to the boy, Lulu's convinced that he's broken up with her. Yelling at mom isn't a good idea -now she's been grounded! That's not all; mom has an argument with her husband (Ryan Driller), claiming he's been enabling Lulu's penchant for misbehaving with boys, and she's now sleeping in the guest room. Lulu naturally sympathizes with her stepdad, recalling how mom gave her biological dad a hard time, too, causing him to leave her.<:P> Ryan sides with Lulu about her being able to have friends over to visit, but like mom, he thinks they should stay in the living room, not head to her boudoir. "Was that a private conversation you were having when your mother walked in on you?", he asks her. Lulu insists it was. "But she said that she saw his zipper down, and that he had his hands all over you", he accuses. Lulu is defensive, but stepdad points out that while dating is okay, sex is a precious gift, and she shouldn't be having sex with anyone unless he is that "very special someone".

"Have you already given this very special gift to this boy?", Ryan asks. "Sort of", she concedes. "He touches me under my clothes sometimes". She describes how things later escalated when they were in the backseat of his car, and she was about to "do it" with him in her bed when mom walked in. Stepdad has to try hard to control his reaction to this revelation and manages to, but then Lulu continues her story. "Megan says that if you have a boyfriend you have to drain him every three days or else, he's going to look somewhere else. I guess she was right", she notes.

"That's ridiculous!", Ryan retorts. "Then how often do you and mom do it? I never even see her kiss you", Lulu contends. Stepdad concludes it's best that she concentrates on her studies and end this obsession with sex. To the contrary, Lulu tells daddy how much she thinks about sex, and suddenly she's started masturbating, rubbing her pussy through the pajamas as she reclines next to Ryan on his bed.

Stepdad concedes that when he was her age his hormones were also raging and that he did a lot of masturbating. But she answers him: she can't get an orgasm when she masturbates, claiming the only way she can cum is with a guy. Ryan points out that she's definitely grounded, but Lulu counters that Megan's dad is attracted to her, and next time she visits Megan she expects that he could service her well. "That's not right and that's not you either. You're a good girl", stepdad insists. "I am a good girl, but I can be a very bad, bad girl when I need to cum", Lulu says calmly. All this talk of "cumming" finally causes Ryan to put his foot down and ask her to stop talking about it. He forbids her to go to Megan's house, but Lulu counters: "Well, you guys can't stop me when I'm with my bio dad, especially since mom hates his guts". Ryan is about to lose his temper and covers Lulu's mouth as he declares: "If you say that word one more time, I'm going to spank you". Lulu smiles and suddenly kisses daddy on the lips. Continuing to kiss him over and over, he stops this, declaring "Hold on, we shouldn't be doing this."

That doesn't deter her, and Ryan finally admits: "You are a bad girl." "You make me a good girl, daddy," she purrs and climbs on top of him, kissing him again. She begins undressing, and daddy makes a last-ditch effort to stem the tide. "We can't! I don't want to do something that you'll regret", he insists. "Feeling your lips on mine is a dream come true. I'm never gonna regret this", she murmurs. "You don't want me to be with boys, daddy. Just make me cum, daddy. All l need to do is cum, daddy, and I'll be a good girl". He gives up, and as she kisses Ryan passionately, Lulu begins grinding away on top of his lap.

"I want us to feel love, daddy. Don't push me away", she whispers, and removes her bra, and daddy begins kissing her nipples. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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