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My Boss's Daughter

Runtime: 47:33 | Added: 10/14/2020 | Featuring: Ariel X, Evelyn Claire, Stirling Cooper

Categories: Blowjob, Brunettes, Creampie, Homewrecker, Natural, Seduction

Video Description:

The boss is throwing a Holiday party just as he does every year, and just like every year, his daughter, Angie (Evelyn Claire), got out of control.  My boss and I watched as she slurred "kiss me baby one more time," into the microphone that he uses for his pep talk, as if it was some karaoke machine.  He asked me, "will you give her a ride home?"  I forced a smile, "no problem."  I thought of my wife, sick at home, and wished that she was here with me.  Surely she would know how to wrangle this out of control girl.  

I drove her to her house.  She lost her keys.  I looked into the window, hoping she had roommates as she tried to steady herself in heels.  "Do you have your phone?"  Angie giggled, "phoooone home!"  Hilarious.  I rolled my eyes as I called my wife and explained to her that we were to babysit an adult tonight.  "No, oh no--" my wife said, "I can hardly take care of myself, you'll take care of her."

"I'm in love with you," Angie cooed as I laid her down to bed.  I scrunched my brow and left her to recover in her room.  In the morning, she came downstairs feeling better.

One thing you should know about Angie and I, is that we, sometimes, flirt with each other at the office.   I know it's wrong.  I know I'm married, and she's just a twenty-two year old girl, but still, when she rests her leg against mine in the boardroom, I enjoy the attention, the feeling of the heat that comes from her leg, and the way her green eyes glance over at me as she playfully sucks on the end of her pen.  I've had to excuse myself and go to the bathroom to pound one out more times than I can count.  The flirting is minor, nothing to feel guilty about, but the fantasies are something to be ashamed of.  I love my wife.  I love my wife.  I love my wife.  I have to silently repeat it every time I see her.

My wife is in our room, resting with a terrible cold, and I am left alone with Angie.  It's as if I am in a room alone with a lioness.  She's the predator and I'm her prey.  I want to be a good man.  I want to refuse her advances.  "You'll regret this," I tell her.  "You'll regret this if we don't," she retorts.



Outstanding acting. Having been around a lot of drunk girls and seeing (Hollywood) actors fail at it, she was great and only got better.


Wow wow wow wow wow


Please part 2 or more scenes with her she is stunning


Excellent!! Loved the acting as well as the sex scenes. Evelyn Claire is amazing in her acting as well as being very attractive. Love how she goes for what she wants.


I’m convinced the wife knew. I can imagine the husband and wife plotting the morning activities the night before, trying to get that promotion.


Hello Evelyn, What was there not to like? Your performance was perfection, as is your beauty. I concur with Fukda, that a creampie finish truly brings it over the top. May I ask what was your favorite part? What kind of roles do you like to play? Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. You are amazing. Yours Truly, Charles P. from Hartford, CT


Dear Evelyn, Thank you for asking. What I liked best about this scene was that it was realistic, and your acting skill, with all of your nuanced facial expressions built your character to feel like Angie was a real person. In the description of this movie, it mentions events in the story that may have happened earlier, and I thought it would be nice to make a sequel to this film. I really want to know what the work dynamic is like back at the office now that you seduced the man you claimed you were 'in love' with. Someone mentioned that it is a good idea to have Ariel join in but I disagree. I like that her role in this story is the sweet, aloof wife, supportive of her husband even though he did the unforgivable. When you told him, "you'll regret this if we don't," that was the ultimate turn-on. I knew you had him at that point. I liked to see you in this powerful role, but would love to see you in other roles here as well. I hope that Missa brings you to Wisconsin because when she does that, she tends to film actresses in myriad roles, showcasing them in a dominant role, submissive, romantic, and the whole shebang. I am also a member of AllHerLuv and I have been watching your film g/g scenes and I am so impressed how you have blossomed as an actor, and I have no doubt that you will continue to grow. I look forward to taking that journey with you. You are a beautiful woman and a damn fine actress and I thank you for taking the time to speak to us.


Evelyn Claire?! THE REAL EVELYN CLAIRE!? It was a great scene.. I liked the older/younger vibe, it kinda reminded me of daddy/stepdaughter of which I like very much but this was different. I liked how you played this role, and how you remembered to talk during the sex scene, and not like other sex scenes where the actress forgets that she's roleplaying when the sex happens. I also enjoyed the cream pie. There are many reasons why I am a member to this site and have been a member since 2017 but one of the reasons is I like the most intimate sex act creampie.


So excited about this! What was your fav part?


This scene is absolutely amazing. The writing, directing and acting are all top notch. I absolutely loved this.


This is my first comment on a scene that does not involve a MILF and I think that is an indicator of just how great this scene is. An idea to make this scene better would be to have Ariel join in on the action the following week, when she is over her cover case. haha. I am only kidding!


Damn, Evelyn Claire is a breathtaking little minx. Good story perfectly crafted by Mr. Greenwood and the MissaX team! I wouldn't mind seeing more scenes like this.

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