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Runtime: 42:35 | Added: 12/04/2023 | Featuring: Liz Jordan, Ryan Driller

Categories: Blowjob, Brunettes, Creampie, Natural, Stepdad, Taboo

Video Description:

Stepfather Ryan Driller sees his stepdaughter (Liz Jordan) keeps a plastic water bottle with an odd magic marker inscription, reading: "to my Rockstar, who can handle all of me" hidden in her bedroom. The idea of his sweet girl making love to a bad boy fills him with fury. He's strict with her, and they sit down for a friendly conversation about her dating habits.

It's an odd discussion: Liz is careful to keep her secrets, but they discuss her current boyfriend, and she admits she's moving on, as she's graduating from high school and will be far away from him at college. Liz claims that the bottle is from a fan, who admires her status as leader of the school cheer squad, and the inscription is just a joke.

But Ryan is persistent and a bit anxious about whether his daughter will behave herself away at school. "I'm a good girl. I'm just curious", she insists. But as they chat calmly, a hint of filtration seeps into the conversation, especially when Liz concedes that like her friends, she considers her stepdad to be "hot".

Sitting next to stepdad on her bed, Liz impulsively takes his hand and begins to read his palm, intently checking out the lines on it. "They say you're a good lover", she purrs. Ryan is taken aback, and becomes defensive, a bit flustered as Liz begins to lead the discussion. He admits that she's a very beautiful woman, although just 18 and his stepdaughter. "That's all?", she asks. "You're like every guy's fantasy", he concedes. Liz leans forward and kisses him on the lips. "You know, you still haven't congratulated me for graduating yet". "Congratulations, Liz", he responds. "What, no present?", she asks. "Listen, I think we've already gone a little too far", Ryan claims. "You're not curious?", she asks. "About what?", he wonders. "To see if I can handle all of you", she whispers.

"Please, I really want to learn. I've only been with boys before -you're a real man", Liz declares, adding the magic words: "I'll do anything you ask". She fondles his groin and begins undoing his pants, asking him: "Do you want me to stop?". "No, don't stop", Ryan says and quickly removes his pants, not wearing any underwear at all. Liz grabs his cock, closes her eyes and begins hungrily sucking on it. Watch the taboo seduction of stepdaddy unfold...

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