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Unfaithful pt.1

Runtime: 01:18:09 | Added: 06/17/2023 | Featuring: Nathan Bronson, Penny Barber, Ryan Driller

Categories: Blowjob, Brunettes, Busty, Cumshot, MILF

Video Description:

Lisa (Penny Barber) wakes up in bed and finds a note from her husband Terry (Ryan Driller), reading: "I didn't want to wake you, had an early meeting. I love you". Later, in the kitchen she gets a call from him, telling her he won't be home for dinner, due to his current project working on an important merger. She looks at a business card she has, listing George Appleton, a freelance journalist and author. and decides to phone George.

In flashback (to two days earlier), we see how she met George. Penny spends her free time at her sewing machine in the bedroom: designing and fabricating handbags, which she tries to market, but is met with rejection: retailers have their supply sources already set up and reject her in person hawking her own wares. Leaving a boutique after one such rejection, she accidentally bumps into a man outside on the sidewalk and trips, hurting her ankle. It's George (Nathan Bronson), who invites Lisa to his home nearby and bandages her ankle and foot. As he tells her about his life as a writer, she's attracted to the young man who has touched her physically and empathetically, but becomes nervous, being a married woman hanging out with a stranger. So, taking his business card Lisa rushes off, leaving behind the sack full of her sample handbags.

At home, Terry has returned from and getting ready for bed Lisa tells him of the incident where she hurt her leg and how the Good Samaritan helped her. They both are in a horny sort of mood, and Terry makes passionate love to her, just what she's needed . Switching back to the present day, with Terry in San Diego still working on his merger and neglecting her again, Lisa phones George and visits his home, He brings out the parcel of hand bags she left behind from her last visit and offers to help her get them into boutiques of owners he knows, for sale to the public, Noting the mark on her ankle, he offers to examine it again, and no sooner than her shoe is off, George is kissing her, slowly up her leg. When he reaches her knee, she insists that he stop. "I can't", she declares, and puts her shoe back on and picks up the bag to go. But he embraces her and kisses her, causing Lisa to drop the bag on the floor.

The strong young man lifts her in his arms and carries Lisa over to his bed. As she leans back, she reveals that she isn't wearing any panties, and George removes her blouse, then takes off his own t-shirt and begins kissing her breasts. Next he begins sucking on her toes, and Lisa gets busy undoing his jeans, but before she can reciprocate, George has gone down on her, causing her to breathe heavily as passion rises. After her first orgasm, it's her turn to give pleasure, starting with deep throat action. Watch the scene of a homewrecker at work unfold...

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