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What's So Special About Her? pt. 2

Runtime: 50:45 | Added: 01/21/2022 | Featuring: Alex Coal, Codey Steele, Whitney Wright

Categories: Blowjob, Brunettes, Creampie, Cumshot, Lesbian, Natural, Stepsister, Taboo, Threesome

Video Description:

Julia (Alex Coal) kisses her stepbrother Alex (Codey Steele) good morning in the kitchen, but he tells her: "About last night...I don't think that should ever happen again".

He goes on: "It's not real. I can pretend for a little while, but then I realize you're not her. Forget it ever happened and move on". Julia is upset, exclaiming: "Nobody can treat me like this. Just pretend I'm her", she says, and tries to seduce him again.

He continues to reject his stepsister, even though they made love the night before in a game of role-playing. "What if I get you Kate?", she suggests. Julia offers to bring Kate (Whitney Wright) to their home to make love to him. "I want to see what she has that I don't", she states.

On Kate's bed the two girls talk about Julia's brother Alex. Julia plays him up to her friend, talking about glimpsing his "nice cock" once when spying on him in the shower. "You know I still love you", Kate admits to her. "I love you too", Julia says, as the best friends kiss. "It would be so much easier if we could be together, but we both love boys too much", Kate avers. "And Alex is ready and available", Julia counters. Julia brings Kate over to her house and sends her into Alex's bedroom. Soon the three of them are sitting on Alex's bed. "I don't know if I ever told you this, but Kate and I like to have fun sometimes", Julia tells Alex. "Yeah, fun, you know, kissing, heavy petting, when a hot cock isn't around", Julia says.

"Kate was thinking maybe you could join us", Julia offers. Alex kisses Kate gently as Julia watches them, and then Kate kisses Julia. The two siblings begin to undress Kate together, and Julia says to her stepbrother: "It's like unwrapping a present -isn't she a gift?". Kate asks: "You should kiss Julia", but Alex is taken aback, replying: "She's my stepsister". "We won't tell anyone", Kate responds.

Alex leans over and gives Julia a long kiss. "Tell her that you love her", Kate interjects. Watch the story unfold..

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