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Who's Your Daddy? 2 pt. 4

Runtime: 43:21 | Added: 10/15/2022 | Featuring: Aubree Valentine, Ryan Driller

Categories: Blowjob, Cumshot, Homewrecker, Natural, Redhead, Seduction, Taboo, Voyeur

Video Description:

For Part 4 of this coming of age saga, the story begins to come full circle. Sara (Aubree Valentine) and Ashley (Kylie Rocket) have been vying for the attention of Ashley's stepdad Joseph (Ryan Driller), while each is having their first sexual experiences with other men. And Joseph is cheating on his wife with his friend Samantha (Slimthick Vic).

Joseph sits down with Ashley on her bed and announces: "I was just thinking how lucky I am to have you, and things between your mom and I are not good. I have a feeling we're going to be filing for divorce. I don't want to lose you". After this revelation, things go on as normal, but Sara returns while Ashley's away and tearfully tells Joseph how she's broken up with her boyfriend (Juan Loco). She hugs him, seeking comfort.

"You've been so supportive. Ashley is so lucky to have you", she tells him. "You know, a lot of the girls talk about how cute you are", she flirts. "Ashley did say you kind of have a crush on me", he admits. "Well, do you have a crush on me?", she asks. Joseph laughs, a bit flustered. "What, you don't like me?", she says as she rubs her ample behind lightly on his crotch. "Um, not here", he says, leading her from the kitchen to a bedroom.

They kiss, but he breaks off, saying "I'm married, Sara. I have a wife, and I'm your best friend's stepdad". "You have nothing to feel guilty for, and I could use a real man", Sara purrs. More kissing wears down his resistance, and Sara climbs atop him on the bed. "Are we moving too fast?", he asks. "Uh, uh, not fast enough", she responds. Sara closes the bedroom door and strips provocatively for him. "Do you think you could eat my pussy?", she whispers. "Yeah, I definitely can do that", he agrees. Watch the story unfold..

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