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A Great Catch pt. 1

Runtime: 39:46 | Added: 11/11/2020 | Featuring: Ashley Lane, Elena Koshka, Nathan Bronson

Categories: Blondes, Blowjob, Creampie, Cum in Mouth, Natural, Seduction, Squirting, Stockings, Voyeur

Video Description:

Usually Paul and his stepsister, Gracie, are inseparable.  The pair live together, they love to do the same things, they're the best of friends, but lately Paul has been distant.  He's been brooding and sullen, he scrolls his cellphone and ignores his stepsister who's standing in front of him in a towel.  "What are you looking at?"  Gracie takes the phone away and sees that Paul is looking at his ex-girlfriend, Lola's social media page.  Gracie rolls her eyes, "I thought you were over her.  You said yourself she was all wrong for you."  Paul confesses that he's not.  It looks like she's dating guys again, just six months after their relationship ended, and Lola has been on Paul's mind every day since the break up.  Gracie encourages him to get out of the house with her, to play a round of tennis, have fun and live life!  Paul agrees until he gets a text.  It's Lola!

His heart skips a beat.  He can't believe it.  He tries to play it cool, as if he hasn't been pining away for her ever since she left him.  She wants to "talk," and he agrees.  

Lola is the polar opposite of Paul.    Lola makes her living as a social media influencer, she's a blogger.  Her clothing reflects her online image.  She wears a leather jacket, her lips are painted red, and she loves nothing more than climbing the social ladder, making friends with wealthy socialites and popular hipsters.  Paul is a t-shirt and jeans sorta guy, a classic introvert.  He loves to read, the theatre, he loves to cook and go to the Farmer's Market.  The one thing they had in common was their physical relationship-- sex.  The sex was fiery and neither are ready to give that up.  Watch the story unfold..



What is the story..


Thank you for everyone comments, even if I don't always answer I read all of them and do my best to please all of you. Thank you for the support of MissaX and All Her Luv


@SidewalkEnforcer Thank you for your comments and I totally understand your opinion on anal and squirting, but you have to understand that some girls love anal sex even with another woman and some girl squirt in real life. I can tell you that we didn't ask or force Ashley to squirt, she squirts because she squirts naturally. If you want to know more behind-the-scenes story... Ashley is a good friend of mine and I ask her before the scene to try not to squirt because we had to shoot another scene on that bed and it will be a lot f work for us to dry everything before the next scene. She told me that she will try her best. Obviously, she fails ;). The good thing with MissaX and the way I like to direct sex is that we try to keep the sex, story and the girl natural and real. So sometime the girls squirts or do anal play because they like it and feel good about it.


My wife and I enjoyed this one. The sex scene and story is both interesting and hot.. thanks to all involved.


Very well said sidewalkenforcer...I will always be a member of both sites for the reasons you stated ....and total agreement on your comments on this scene and I would add my distaste for gagging that is a American main stream porn staple...(except at missax)


Good scene! This is my favorite kind of lighting. Thank you for bringing both Ashley Lane and Elena Koshka back. I look forward to seeing her, and hope it is in the next part.


Interesting story, I wonder if the girlfriend just has suspicions or if it's true that Nathan is really having sex with Elena? The sex is really good, I agree with the others that it is intense. I would like to throw my two cents in and say that anal and squirting isn't really my thing. There are too many sites that focus on wild sex, this site has always been about interesting storylines, romantic realism, and tingling tension between two characters. If you want to see a girl moan her head off while some guy dispassionately rails her ass, then there's a million sites for that. With much respect and love from your longtime member, friend, and your biggest fan. :)


So gorgeous and hot. Like it, Looking forward for anal threesome which could be more intense. Love


Outstanding video with great squirting action. Hope pt. 2 comes out very soon and has him seducing his hopefully squirting sister. Ricky, best series potentially to come out in many months. Your direction in this video was terrific.

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