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Adam & Eva pt. 3

Runtime: 34:16 | Added: 12/10/2020 | Featuring: Haley Reed, Seth Gamble

Categories: Blondes, Blowjob, Cumshot, Natural

Video Description:

Eva gets out of the tub in between her stepbrother's legs.  It's like it's the most normal thing in the world for a stepsister to bathe with her stepbrother, also normal, talking to Sylvia while she dries off her full breasts.  Eva asks "So.. have you ever had a boyfriend, Sylvia?"  Sylvia answers, "In High School I did, his name was Jimmy."  Eva smiles as she glances back at her brother, "and did you and Jimmy ever make love?"  Sylvia laughs uncomfortably, she pushes herself to answer the bold question.  'Try to be cool,' she tells herself as she answers, "We had sex, but I don't know about making love."  Eva's eyebrows raise in surprise at Sylvia's boldness, and she presses for more, "did you ever give him a blow job."  "A few times," Sylvia answers. "There's nothing more intimate than taking a hard cock in your mouth," Eva muses, "it's my favorite thing in the whole world."

Eva wants Sylvia to meet her acting coach, "Pops."  She assures Sylvia that Pops is the man to push down her boundaries.  Sylvia agrees and walks into his studio.  Pops is a commanding man with a strong body and a serious face.  His arms are crossed as he asks Sylvia, "Why do you want to be an actress."  Sylvia is unsure how to answer the question.  Does she mention her favorite movies, how she has practiced her favorite monologues in the mirror?  The plays she acted in for her community theatre back home?  "I just have.. for as long as I can remember," she replies.  'Shit.  So stupid,' she tells herself as she hopes he will give her a chance.  

"Strip," Pops tells her.  She looks him in the eyes, he can't be serious?  "The most important lesson you can learn as an actor; the self does not exist.  When I say strip, strip!"  Sylvia reluctantly and slowly takes her eyes from Pops'.  She removes piece by piece until she is fully naked.  Pops comes near her and touches her affectionately, she feels his hot breath on her neck.  "What I need from you, is to tell me a story.  Something you've never told anyone.  Something difficult," he pushes her hair behind her shoulder.

Watch the story unfold..

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