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Best Birthday Ever

Runtime: 45:39 | Added: 06/06/2024 | Featuring: Jimmy Michaels, Sadie Summers

Categories: Blondes, Blowjob, Busty, Creampie, Cumshot, MILF, Taboo, Titjob

Video Description:

19 year old Matt (Jimmy Michaels) feels down in the dumps because his stepmother (Sadie Summers) has forgotten all about his birthday.

When he confronts her, Sadie apologizes and notes: "I just figured you'd want to be hanging out with your friends." Jimmy shrugs sadly, claiming he has no friends, and no girlfriends. He spends most of the time on his computer, with fellow gamers, but they're remote, many not even be in their country.

Clearing her schedule, stepmom makes time to be with Matt, and asks him: "We could go to the movies, or a restaurant, and I think I could even score tickets to a game tonight". "I'd prefer just to stay home, really. Just hang out with you", he replies. Sadie tries to get him to overcome his shyness, but as she encourages him to loosen up and perhaps use one of those apps to meet girls, Matt becomes exasperated, calling himself a loser. He puts on his headphones and is ready to go back to his gaming, but mom continues: "Look, I fucked up all day. There has to be something I can do or say to make it up to you".

He ignores her plea and is right back escaping at his on-line games, so Sadie tries desperate measures. She unzips her sweater, revealing her large breasts in a provocative black bra. Seeing this, Matt has a fit, yelling: "What are you doing?", and tries to cover up his mom's daring exposure. "Look, I'm sick of seeing you moping around here all day -I'm going to help you with your little problem. You said you just needed a little experience, right?", she asserts.

They argue to no avail, and stepmom gets up to leave his bedroom, but Matt remembers what she said in passing: "Wait, did you just say you were going to give me a blowjob?". But they start arguing again, and finally he admits when she tries to leave again: "I'm sorry, you caught me so off-guard. Please stay -I want a blowjob, mom".

"Are you hard right now?", she asks, matter-of-factly. Matt nods Yes. "Prove it", she insists. He unzips and pulls off his jeans, revealing his stiff cock. "Was that so hard, to get hard?", she jokes. As she reaches out to examine his looming dick, Matt asks: "Can I see your tits?". Sadie unzips her sweater and pulls her breasts out from her bra, and her stepson immediately starts caressing them. She begins to get aroused, murmuring: "You're such a sweet boy".

She leans over and kisses the tip of his cock lightly, then begins sucking on it, with the art of a pro. Matt finally takes the initiative and gets on top of her, fucking stepmom between her breasts. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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