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Relaxing With Mommy

Runtime: 48:59 | Added: 03/27/2022 | Featuring: Rachael Cavalli, Tyler Cruise

Categories: Blondes, Blowjob, Busty, Creampie, Cumshot, MILF, Taboo

Video Description:

Stepmom (Rachael Cavalli) is sitting on the couch staring into space. Her stepson Mike (Tyler Cruise) arrives and stares at her. "Did you say something, dear?', she asks, coming out of her trance. "You seemed like a million miles away", he asserts. She smiles and responds: "I guess I was". "Everything okay?", he asks. "Of course". "It is just that...", he begins, but she interrupts him: "I was just meditating. I do that sometimes", she states.

"Well, you know like most people normally close their eyes, and you seemed like you were breathing pretty hard", he notes. "Yeah, normally, but I have my own way", she says. Looking at her watch, she says: "Oh, wow! I guess I did get pretty lost, and it's getting pretty late". "You really were completely in your own world", Mike says. "You seem impressed", stepmom says. "I am". "Well, maybe I'll teach you sometime", she offers. "How about now?", he suggests. "So you don't think I'm the evil stepmom who took your dad from your mom?", she quips. "No, why do you think I'm living here and not with her?", he answers. "She put me through hell", Mike says about his natural mother. "Was it really that bad?", she asks. "Ever since I remember", he notes.

"Oh, I didn't know that Mike. I'm sorry to hear that", stepmom says. "It's a bit awkward just to bring up, and to be honest I was always a little bit intimidated by you", he admits, continuing: "Or maybe I would get to know you and you wouldn't be as cool and as nice as you seem". "Oh, I'm always here for you Mike", she says. "Thanks". "All right, let me get dressed and I'll teach you to meditate", stepmom says. Later, after changing into leggings and a low-cut top, step-mom leads Mike back to the living room and has him find a spot he feels comfortable -and he sits down on the couch. "I don't want to sound stupid, but I really don't know what to expect. What's it like for you?", he asks about meditation. "Well, it's not the same every time, but at first it's like a blankness, and the hardest part is getting to the No Thoughts, and then you're like a body with electricity". she says. "Sounds intense", Mike reacts. "Yeah, it's like blood flowing, coursing through you, and you can almost hear it. But you are the blood and your body is connected with your soul and your mind", she says, waxing in New Age fashion.

She sits down and grasps Mike's hand, saying: "It's like you can feel everything, and you're connected to everything and everyone". "Sounds trippy. So you get high off of this?", Mike asks. "Yeah, I guess, so.". "What kind of high is it?", he wonders. "It's like an explosion", she states. "I know this is weird to ask because you're my stepmother but is it kind of like an orgasm?", Mike asks. "Well, I don't know what it's gonna feel like for you, but yes, for me it's like having an orgasm", stepmom admits.

"So, this morning when I walked in on you...", he begins. "Uh, hum", she says. He interrupts her: "Were you?". "Yeah, it was a little one, but yes, I had an orgasm", stepmom confesses. "Does it embarrass you?", he asks. "Well, it takes some getting used to, I guess", she admits. "That's fine. I still want to try", Mike claims. "Okay, well...", mom positions herself in front of him: "Let's hold hands". "Okay". "And maybe you should close your eyes to drive out any distractions", she suggests.

"And then it's really all about counting and relaxing. So count to ten and take a deep breath and then exhale", she instructs. They both begin the exercise, and then he opens his eyes and gazes at her prominent huge breasts. "What are you doing?", she yells, annoyed. "Sorry, I got distracted", he answers meekly, adding: "I'll try more seriously this time". "Okay, let's try it again", she says, and they both close their eyes once more. He suddenly releases his grasp and gets up. "What's wrong?", she asks. "I don't know. It's just a lot...", he begins, but she interrupts: "Yeah, it can be a little overwhelming". "No kidding", he notes. "We can stop though if you want to", stepmom says, getting up and hugging Mike.

"You're sensitive, and in that state of mind you can awaken a lot of strange things", she asserts. "I'm just afraid", Mike says. "Did you see anything?", she asks. "No, it was more like a feeling", he recalls. "Describe it to me", she says. "It started with electricity, like you said, then I felt so alive. Then all of a sudden, I just turned into a kid again", he says. "A little boy?", she asks. "Yeah, it was dark, and I was looking for my mommy, but I couldn't find her. It was just really scary", he recalls.

Placing MIke's head on her shoulder, she comforts him, saying: "It's okay. Mommy's here now". "Is it always like this?", Mike asks, resting his head on her ample breasts. "No, but you did pretty amazing. You had a breakthrough so fast", she says. "Is that a bad thing?", he wonders. "No, I'm so proud of you", she responds, kissing Mike on the lips. He pulls away, frightened. "I'm sorry. I probably shouldn't have done that", she apologizes. "I don't know who you are", Mike says.

"I'm your stepmother", she says. "I mean, I don't know how to feel about you. One second I want you to hold me like a baby, and the next, I just want to fuck you", he states. She laughs and says: "Is there something wrong with that?". "Yeah, you're married to my dad". "I mean, what you're feeling is normal. You had a strained relationship with your mom, and now that I'm here...", she begins, and he interrupts. "I can't fuck my stepmom".

"Maybe it'll help you", she asserts. "How?". "You never got the love that you needed or wanted from your mom and I'm the next best thing", she claims. "I don't want to have sex with my mom", he insists. "Not literally", she points out. "I don't want anything to do with her", Mike says. "I'm just a symbol of your mom. I mean clearly you need or want to be close to me", she says. "I just don't know what to think right now", he says. "Don't think -just close your eyes and count to ten. And take deep breaths -that's it, just like that. Do it again. That's a good boy, deep breaths", stepmom instructs. She kisses him on the neck and announces: "I'm so proud of you". "You're doing a great job -such a good boy", she purrs as she rubs his chest in a circular motion. "Deep breaths", she repeats, as her hand strays to his crotch, saying: "You're already hard for mommy". Later, "You're going to cum for mommy?". "Yes, mommy", Mike says. Watch the taboo romance unfold...

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