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Breaking Her Rules - A POV Story Preview

Runtime: 42:17 | Added: 04/06/2021 | Featuring: Chloe Cherry, Robby Echo

Categories: Blondes, Blowjob, Cum in Mouth, Cumshot, Stepsister, Taboo, Voyeur

Video Description:

Neat freak, Chloe Cherry, is surprised in the worst way to see her stepbrother, Robby Echo, on her doorstep. She's finally got her own place and she loves to keep it pristinely clean. Robby begs Chloe to let her stay, he has nowhere else to go. He promises to take off his shoes, and to follow all of her other ridiculous rules in exchange for room and board. She reluctantly agrees only to find that her stepbrother is breaking the rules, again.

Chloe likes that there's a man in the house, although her stepbrother annoys her, she finds him incredibly sexy. Chloe has so much sexual tension built up inside of her and she needs someone to help her cross her own rules, to take control and show her that being messy can be fun. Robby knows just how to break down her barrier. Watch the story unfold..



As someone who does not like POV the way this was shot is unique ... it is filmed with a story like you would in a normal shoot showing both actors from different angles etc... then using the POV for some of the sex is a perfect combination that no one has done before that i have seen.... very erotic when she is talking to the camera during the blowjob....will be a nice site


I'm overjoyed to see Missa expanding her content. POV scenes are some of my favorites so this is a great "step" in that direction. I really hope to see this and the new site continue to grow. Cheers!


Is MissaX doing monthly only updates now? Just read the comment from Missa mentioning this POV site won't interrupt the ''monthly update schedule'' has something changed? I was under the impression that MissaX updates every 5 days. I am also glad this is just a one off from a new site because I really can't stand POV. Even when it's ''done well'' I still can't enjoy it because of the lack of different angles and it just always looks off to me.


We are typically updating every 5 days for single scenes. The POV release this month was a bonus. The next update tomorrow is a double scene, so the following update will be 7 days later with 6 MissaX scenes released in the month. Thanks!


Will there be discounts for the new site if you are a member here?


Yes! At the top of the page in the members area, you can sign up right now for 4.99. And for a limited time, the price of the site is 9.99 otherwise. Current MissaX members will be able to access this deal even if the price goes up in the future. Thanks!


This is really amazing! great work! love the style!


Chloe is amazingly hot in this video and I like POV just fine. Chloe does a great job with it. However, the story of step siblings yelling at each other and then having sex is way overdone on other sites and I don't find it particularly believable. Adding the whole giving orders and submissively following them also seems odd. I applaud the experimentation. I like how Missax stories usually add to the sexual tension but this story doesn't do it for me. Still, I'd watch Chloe do anything!


The POV is awesome. Great stuff here. Big fan of your early work and POV performers. I love that you started a new site rather than mix it in here. I would like to support this site, but it seems that there isn't a non-recurring payment option? Missa X and AllHerLuv both have such options. I'll do the recurring if I need to, but just was wondering why. I like to avoid such things. Discreet billing means that I cannot remember what is happening in my bank account. In the glorious future where I am from, Missa has 10 sites that you can get to from a single login. One of the sites is dedicated to robots with processors from the same factory finding themselves in taboo situations such as watching videos of their own assemblies together. But don't worry, the factory actually has multiple assembly lines (owned by different subsidiaries) and so it isn't fully taboo. Until one of them sees the other's serial number and it turns out it really was taboo. It was directed by RoboRicky.


Thank you, John. Currently, we are only offering a recurring option. This may change in the future. The site is still in its "experimental" phase. We would like to show differing scenarios and shoot styles to really hone in on what people would like to see in a story-based, POV sex site. I would not want someone to pay for a year membership only for content to shift in a way that isn't appealing to them. If you would like a trial membership (non-recurring), you can sign up and then immediately cancel for a 1 month membership.


Nice to see background stories, taboo, romance, forbidden affairs, women giving into their desires. This site is hot.


Great to see a new site from Missax. The site looks promising, and the pov quality seems to be better than almost all other pov sites out there. Noice.


Thanks so much!


Yeah... No. Sorry to say but I sure hope Missa isn't thinking about producing more videos like this. If I wanted POV videos I would go and join the countless other websites (that use to be very good also) that are now a waist of my time. I'm sorry but the POV isn't my thing. I find it very boring and less than stimulating only seeing a close up of various parts of the actor's or actress's body or face. I do hope I get to see Chloe Cherry in another role beside this one since I do think she is a talented person. It also doesn't hurt that she's very sexy. I wish her well and good luck with Missa films.


Thanks for your input. Don't worry-- this is a bonus for you as a MissaX.com member, it will not interrupt our monthly update schedule. We want you to see what we are up to with our other projects.


Chloe is scorching hot. This new site is a throwback to old school MissaX.. I'm intrigued.


You and other MissaX members requested I make this site, and you see how your voice matters! I hope you guys like it. I will be, periodically, showing MissaX.com members what I'm up to over on Apovstory.com. It is a little like old school MissaX content, but not quite. There are three different ways we shoot POV style and I am hoping for feedback from the members on which style they will like the best. The first is traditional POV, as you see here, where the actress is speaking to you, as if she is role playing with you. The second style, you can see a little bit more of the male actor, but never his face. You can also hear his voice. This helps keep our actress on track with the script. The third style is the style I am hoping that you guys will like the best. It's shot just like a MissaX.com film where you can see the male character and hear him, multiple camera angles in the story, but the sex is strictly POV. This helps us improve our quality and keep the integrity of the stories that you like so well. When there is a break in the scene, which looks just like a camera angle switch, it's oftentimes a CUT. The actress can then refer back to the script for dialogue, or we can give you more angles of her body. Will the members love that style as much as we do? You'll have to let us know over on apovstory.com.

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