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My Brother, the Masseur

Runtime: 50:30 | Added: 05/26/2022 | Featuring: Kyler Quinn, Tyler Cruise

Categories: Blondes, Cum in Mouth, Cumshot, Natural, Stepsister, Taboo

Video Description:

Stepsister (Kyler Quinn) is undressing in the bedroom, as brother Tyler (Cruise) stands at the doorway with his back to her. She lies face down on a massage table, a towel covering her midriff. "Are you covered?", Tyler asks. "Yeah", she replies, getting comfortable.

"Is everything okay?", she asks. "Yeah, it's just a little different doing it out of class", he replies. "Well, you can't be this nervous when you're working with a real client", she notes. "You're right", he says, massaging her shoulders. "Does that hurt?", he asks. "No, it actually feels real good. Sorry, I'll be quiet", she responds. "Thanks again for doing this, you know, it shouldn't really be so hard to find someone who wants a massage", he declares. "So what you're saying is that I was your last resort?", she chides.

"No, not that at all. It's just a little weird 'cause you're my stepsister, but it's not like this is sexual at all", he replies. Tyler massages her thighs, and says: "You can flip over now". She turns over on her back. "Good", he says. "Yeah, but aren't you like supposed to massage higher at my thighs?", she asks. "Well, this just is a practice for me, plus I don't really want to make things weird", he claims. "Well, you should practice on me like I am one of your real clients", she asserts. He massages her neck, and she exclaims: "What are you doing?", as he covers up her breast when the towel slips a bit. "Your towel was falling down", he explains.

"Well, you're going to have to get used to seeing people naked", she flirts. "I know, but we could just keep it up", he insists. "You know you can massage them too", she says. He shakes his head, saying: "I can't". "But your hands feel so good", she says. He goes to get more oil, and she says: "Make sure you go up all the way this time". He starts working on her thighs again, and she murmurs: "Higher, please". "Tyler", she whispers. Then she asks: "Why'd you stop?". "I think it's just getting a little bit weird", he says.

"We aren't done, are we?", she wonders. "I think we've done enough", he maintains. "You were doing a good job, but you're starting to make me feel uncomfortable now. I was enjoying it and just trying to be encouraging -now you're making me feel like a perv", she remarks. "I'm just not supposed to be touching you there", he contends. "Says who?", she asks. "I don't know", he says. She covers herself with the towel and abruptly gets up from the table, saying: "You're a real creep, you know that?". She runs out of the room as he yells: "I'm just doing my job!". She slams the door behind her and he says: "Fuck".

Next day, stepsister is sitting on the living room couch looking at her phone, a blanket covering her lap. Tyler enters the room, greeting her with: "Good morning". She doesn't answer, but then says: "What are you doing?", when he sits beside her and touches her blanket. "Well, I thought...", he begins. "You thought wrong!", she exclaims. "Can't we just talk about this?", he asks. "No. You obviously made it clear you're just my stepbrother, and that's it", she declares. "I know I shouldn't have acted that way", he says. "Yes you shouldn't", she agrees, and abruptly gets up from the couch, leaving the blanket behind as she departs. Now alone, Tyler laments: "I'm so dumb".

Later Tyler is sitting at the kitchen counter drinking coffee. Stepsister enters the room, with her ass barely covered by her panties, and he stares at her lovely figure. She gets a cup of coffee and asks: "Why are you looking at me like that?". "Like what?", he asks. "The whole up and down thing -you're being weird", she asserts. "Look, about yesterday...", he begins. "Can we just forget it ever happened?", she requests. "No, I mean, uh...", he stammers. "Look, I took advantage of the situation. I haven't been touched in a really long time", and it obviously felt really good. Sue me, I put you in a really awkward position", she admits.

"Well, you don't have to apologize. I shouldn't have made you feel bad", Tyler offers. "Thanks, you're sweet. Honestly, a bit embarrassing -I've always had a little bit of a crush on you", she confesses. "Really?", he wonders. "Yeah. I mean you must have thought I was some weird, stupid nerd in school", she says. "No, I thought you were cute -you were always so pretty", he says. "Really?", she asks. "Yeah, and if mom and dad weren't married, I probably would have hit on you", he maintains. She laughs, and says: "That would have been weird". "Like a good weird or a bad weird?", he asks. "I honestly haven't decided", she says coyly.

"I'm surprised it took you until now, a year later, to say anything", she states. "You know I was thinking...", he starts. "Yeah", she says. "Maybe we could try it again, like a do-over", he ponders. "I don't know. Are you sure?", she asks. "I mean, only if you want to", he says. "You're not scared I'll do something crazy", she jests. "Well, I kinda hope you do", he says. "You're bad", she mocks. "Trust me, I'll be very professional", he declares. "You better be", she laughs. "I'm honestly just a bit shy now", she contends. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel weird", he apologizes. "It's okay -it's understandable", she says. "Please, let me make it up to you", Tyler pleads. "Okay, but don't look back this time", she says.

Stepsister is back on the massage table, face down, announcing: "This time it's gonna be better". "I hope so", he says, putting oil on his hands. Starting the massage, he says: "Just tell me if I take things too far". "Okay", she whispers. As he rubs her shoulders, he inquires: "Does that feel good?". "Yeah, it feels real good", she answers. "I want you to tell me when you like it", he requests. "Okay", she murmurs. He begins massaging her thighs. "It feels really good", she says, He raises the towel and rubs her ass cheeks, and she murmurs: "That's so good". "Turn around", he instructs, and she turns over on her back, removing the towel and covering her breasts with her hands.

"Show me", he orders and she reveals her breasts. Tyler starts massaging them and she says: "That feels so good". "I like making you feel good", he whispers. "It definitely feels good", she reiterates. "Don't you want to get more comfortable?", she asks. Tyler removes his shirt and she whispers: "Kiss me". "I don't think that's appropriate", he responds. But he begins fingering her pussy and whispers: "I want you to come for me", and she nods her head Yes. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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