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Anything For You

Runtime: 37:18 | Added: 02/13/2020 | Featuring: Nathan Bronson, Sovereign Syre

Categories: Busty, Cumshot, MILF, Natural, Taboo

Video Description:

Written and Directed by Serena Blair

Sexy socialite, Sovereign Syre, swaggers into her upscale condo with her stepson, Nathan Bronson.  She orders him around as her nervous stepson stumbles to satisfy her.  They're returning from visiting Nathan's latest stepfather in the hospital and Sovereign casually laments on how he may or may not pass away in that hospital.  
Nathan finds some photos in the closet, it's his beloved stepmother and his birth-mother in bikinis at a strip club.  "You were a sex worker?!"  "Oh honey, don't be angry..  I always thought you knew."  Nathan's fury comes to a boil as he ponders on whether or not his love for his stepmother is and has always been a lie.  Sovereign dismisses his frustrations, she knows she has what it takes to cool him down.  She orders him on his knees, Nathan obeys with his tongue hungrily lapping at her pussy.  Sovereign thinks of his wealthy stepfather, annoyingly hanging on by a thread, "Would you do anything for me?" "Anything," he replies.



On this site I keep seeing more and more of these films being directed by other pornstars. I guess they want to express their creative side and Missax seems to be the place to do it. This got me wondering, is it possible we can see more Behind-the-Scenes look from films like this? If there's not enough space for BTS footage then they could be shared on pornhub or other tube sites. I thinking it would be interesting to see more of the creative ideas and works that goes on behind the camera.


Fetishy. I appreciate that, but, yes, Nathan's part is a bit over the top. At least one spot where the sound suffers from the camera shooting behind the edge of the couch, and my eye gets tired of the rocking and swaying and big jumps. I thought it needed more square on with Sovereign instead of the back of her head or from the side. She's in charge, after all. I think we don't look up at her looking down at Nathan when he's at her feet. Felt like a missed opportunity. Instead we're clear across the room or close up with Nathan licking or Sovereign in profile.


Enjoyed the scene only after the sex started.


loved sovers part...just thought Nathans role was way over done...not his fault as he is a good actor...just wish it could have been toned dow...the sex was good as she is so sexy especially with someones face between her legs


Just from the description it doesn't make sense.


I hope that you are having another episode of Three's A Crowd and somehow bring a Charlotte into the video. There can be so many great scenarios with that series.


Decent story. A little rushed maybe. Would love to see more of Sovereign. I'm excited to see what Missax has in store for us the next couple of weeks.


I can see what the intent was but the set up kind of fell flat. The son was way too timid for the shift later. The relationship also doesn’t really make that much sense!so it just felt kind of empty at the end. The sex scene was decent but with the build up being the way it was it didn’t really have that erotic factor to it. I like both actors a lot so it’s shame I couldn’t get more into it. They did a good job regardless of how confusing the set up was. I might have just missed it but it was a little jarring for me.


I think you're absolutely right. I thought about cutting this up into just a sex portion, but thought I might be too critical. We'll try both actors again. I am moving a piece I'm confident you guys will like up to the top.

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