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Bachelorette pt. 1

Runtime: 44:54 | Added: 05/22/2024 | Featuring: Layla Jenner, Ryan Driller

Categories: Blowjob, Brunettes, Creampie, Cumshot, Natural, Petite, Taboo

Video Description:

Jane (Layla Jenner) arrives at her stepfather's home, and is greeted by him (Chad White), happy at this unexpected visit. She shows off her expensive engagement ring Tom gave her, with their marriage set for Saturday. "I love you daddy! That's why I decided to come here and spend my last days of freedom with you", she declares.

Unfortunately, Chad has a date tonight, but her stepuncle RIck (Ryan Driller) will be stopping by -"He needs a place to hang", Chad informs her, after Rick's had a fight with his wife. "I love uncle RIck, but don't worry. I could never love another man as much as I love you, daddy", Jane reassures him.

Later, she chats with uncle Rick in the living room. "I got a bit worried when your dad told me you'd come over. You're not getting cold feet, are you?", Rick asks her. "Well, if I'm being honest, things haven't been the greatest. I still want to get married to him, but I feel like he doesn't appreciate me. It's like he takes me for granted", she confides. Rick tries to reassure her, but she notes: "He's just so immature and entitled. I wish he was more like you -older and wiser and always doting on me. I just wish my husband could do all the same things that you do", she insists.

"His bachelor party is tonight. I didn't want to stay home and wait for him to come stumbling back", she confesses. "Why didn't you have a bachelorette party with your friends? That's gotta be more fun than hanging out with me", Rick wonders. Jane rejects that idea, noting: "I kinda thought tonight could be my own bachelorette party -that I could be spending it with the person I love the most. Does that sound corny?". "That sounds wonderful", Rick responds.

Late that night they're playing cards after dining on Chinese takeout. Jane looks at her phone and yells: "Those jerks! They went to a strip club. I don't want my future husband being all rubbed on by some slut". As bad news escalates in text messages -now her groom is in a hotel room with his pals and girls they picked up at the club, watching porn movies, Rick insists she turn off her phone and stop obsessing about it. "Let's let Tom enjoy his evening and we'll enjoy ours", he suggests.

"How about we put on a movie?", Rick asks. "Now that you mention it, there is something I want to watch", Jane admits. "I've never seen a dirty movie before, I kinda want to watch a porn", she says with a smile. "Come on, you gotta be serious. What do you want to watch - a romance, drama, comedy..?" " That 'Ominous Nights' is streaming now and I know you're a big fan of scary movies", Rick counters. "I'm serious. I've always been too scared to watch porn. If I'm going to become a good wife to my husband.. I've got to overcome my fears", she insists.

Rick puts his foot down: "Jane, we're not going to watch porn together, because it's wrong on every level". "Please Uncle Rick, I need to watch one before I get married. I feel safer watching it with you than with anyone else. It could be a learning experience", she pleads. Jane points out that she knows where dad's secret stash is, "and there's some pretty dirty stuff on there too", she adds. Eventually he gives in, making her promise never to tell anyone.

Later as they watch, Jane exclaims: "I can't believe a man can make a woman feel that good!". "Look how hard and big his penis is, Uncle Rick", she says. Inspired by what she sees, Jane gives her uncle a kiss, and though both enjoy it, she breaks off, declaring: "No, we can't! It's cheating. I'm supposed to be a good wife". They agree to take it easy, but Jane touches Rick "down there" and requests: "Look, I really want to make Tom happy. If I could see a real penis, maybe I could".

Wearing down his resistance, she pleads: "If I can learn about cock, I can make Tom happy. Please, Uncle Rick?". Reluctantly, he nods his head Yes. "You're the best uncle ever!", she exclaims, and pulls down his shorts. "It's so big, Uncle Rick", Jane says, stroking his dick. "Such a beautiful cock you have. I wonder if my dad has a cock like this", she enthuses. "Maybe it needs a little kiss, Uncle Rick", she says and kisses the tip gently. She suddenly breaks away, castigating herself for cheating. "You were just trying to learn. You did nothing wrong", he reassures her. "In that case, a good wife wouldn't leave you hanging", Jane rationalizes, and begins sucking uncle's dick enthusiastically. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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