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I'm Yours, Son

Runtime: 40:42 | Added: 02/27/2024 | Featuring: Ophelia Kaan, Robby Apples

Categories: Blondes, Blowjob, Creampie, Frottage, Lingerie, MILF, Seduction, Taboo

Video Description:

Robby Apples (previously known as actor: Robby Echo) helps his new stepmother Ophelia Kaan move in, and lets slip in their chat that he thinks his dad is too old for her. She begs to differ, but at least the mom and son are bonding.

"Was your ex-husband a boomer, too?" Ophelia explains that her first husband was controlling, but now with his dad, she's allowed to explore her own interests, including relationships beyond their marriage. "Oh, dad lets other guys fuck you?", he asks. "I wouldn't say it like that", Ophelia replies, noting: "At some point you realize that loving someone means giving them the freedom to be their whole self, that a love that restricts and binds isn't love, but a prison".

She catches him looking at her breasts, and Robby apologizes: "I guess I never saw you as a sexual person." He lied. He's always thought she was absolutely the most stunning woman he has ever laid eyes upon. She's kind too. It's a mix of her maternal nature with her hotness that has always driven him wild. Is there an opportunity to be with her now that he knows his stepmom and his dad are.. swingers? Ophelia pauses as she looks at him with her soulful eyes. She's careful with her words. her southern accent comes through the most when she's passionate. "I thought of you. I imagined what it would be like to be with you." Robby's heart starts to beat fast, but he is conflicted, he doesn't want to admit that he had a sexual attraction to her when dad brought her home while they were dating. She is now his mother, afterrall, and he will have to look her in the eyes for the rest of their lives-- countless holidays, family get-togethers. And just then his thought is interrupted with mother's lips on his! She is kissing him!

Then she goes to the door and closes it, saying: "Maybe it was a good thing that your father wasn't here to help. That way we get to know each other better". As Robby looks and talks more and more hesitantly, she begins rubbing his crotch, and asks him: "Are you playing hard to get?".

Taking the initiative, she starts kissing his neck and announces: "Like I said, your father wants me to explore myself, my sexuality". Robby tries valiantly to resist, but admits that her fondling turns him on. She removes her t-shirt, revealing a see-through bra beneath, and her son turns away shyly. "I know you're not your father. I just wonder if when we make love it's the same", she says. Kneeling down in front of him, she asks: "Can I see?", and Robby lowers his pants, causing his erect boner to pop up in front of mom's face. She takes it in her mouth and licks it, saying: "I needed to see if you tasted like him". Just as things get interesting, they're interrupted by a voice yelling: "Honey, I'm home". It's daddy.

At night mom visits Robby's bedroom to apologize. They both concede that things went too far. She kisses him on the forehead and bids him good night, but before she can leave Robby calls her back. They sit down on the bed together and he asks her: "How was I -how was my kiss?". She laughs, and explains how she loves giving blow jobs. "Did your ex go down on you?", Robby asks. He's reluctant to go further with sex with his stepmom, but she suggests: "I just wish there was something I could do. I could dance for you -an exotic dance. When I was in my 20s I was an exotic dancer". She plays music on her phone, removes her robe and dances sexily in front of him at the foot of his bed.

Clad just in black bra and panties, she climbs atop her son to give him a lapdance. "I want to feel more of you", she says, and they get naked. After grinding away she's really turned on, and Robby declares: "We shouldn't be doing this". Ophelia pleads: "Just the tip!", and he enters her at last. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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