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Indecent pt. 1

Runtime: 01:31:29 | Added: 12/04/2022 | Featuring: Quinton James, Reagan Foxx, Ryan Driller

Categories: Blowjob, Brunettes, Busty, Creampie, Hotwife, MILF, Voyeur

Video Description:

A new romantic feature opens with two full sex scenes, as Reagan (Foxx) and Paul (Ryan Driller) get back together for a nighttime dinner out on the terrace, wth her glamorous styling and deep decolletage setting the stage. She offers a toast: "Here's to playing hard and working later".

She announces that she has slept with another man, per Paul's wishes. "You're going to have to tell me everything start to finish!", he enthuses. "Does it bother you that I had the affair in our bedroom?", she asks. "Did he stay, or leave afterwards? I bet you slept well that night", Paul surmises. "I couldn't sleep, I could still smell him on my skin, and then I just played with myself and kept doing that over and over again until I exhausted myself with orgasms, and then I'd wake up again and imagine he was still inside of me, and I would just touch myself over and over," she describes to her avid listener.

"Did he cum inside of you?", Paul asks. She pushes her phone across the table, announcing: "I made this for you. I watched it a hundred times by now. Still, the idea of you seeing another man touch me and me having him inside my mouth and begging for his cock -it seems a little sinful", she admits, and begins narrating a flashback detailing how that naughty evening with Jacob (Quinton James) went. "I was quick to skip the small tallk -I wanted him to know my intentions right away", she states. They began kissing immediately as they reached the bedroom upstairs, and then she handed Jacob her phone. "You seriously want me to film this for your husband?", Jacob asked. "That's the deal", she answers. "Now as they say: Action!", he said, as he photographed her striptease, leaving on only her high heels, as she began masturbating.

Paul interrupts her story: "Kissing?". "Yeah, I kissed him", Reagan says. "Kissing is a little intimate, and this is about sex, sharing your body, not your heart", Paul insists. "Are you quoting a 'Pretty Woman' line to me?", she asks, a bit upset. "Sorry, forget I said anything. I'm okay with you having kissed him this one time. So go ahead, tell me what happened next. Honest, this is very exciting. I want to hear it play-by-play from you", Paul says. "Then no complaining, right? This is your fantasy, not mine", she reminds him.

Paul watches the lengthy scene, and half an hour later she mentions: "I begged for him to come inside of me. I know that's something we didn't talk about, but that's something you wanted, right? At the moment I was only thinking about my personal pleasure", she admits. "It's primal, it's wrong. It's exactly what I hoped for", Paul concedes. With her bare foot, Reagan starts a little footsie on Paul's leg under the table. "Show me how hard you are", she requests.

She gets down on her knees in front of Paul and exposes her huge breasts. As she undoes his pants, she whispers "I like you watching", with Paul holding the phone and observing the end of her scene with Jacob. He observes Jacob yelling "I'm coming, I'm coming", and delivering the creampie and Reagan tasting it on her fingers. Soft guitar music plays as Reagan pulls out Paul's cock and takes it in her mouth. "I feel like a caged bird that's been liberated, and I'm never going back in", she announces.

They leave the terrace by the pool, and go indoors. "Are you going to want to do this with another woman?", she asks. Paul smiles and says: "No, you are more than enough woman for me. After they kiss, she says coyly: "You might have your work cut out for you because you might have some competition". "Oh baby, there's a reason I'm your husband. There is no competition", he replies, smiling. Watch the married couple enjoy themselves as part of their first-time hotwifing ritual...

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