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Life After Divorce

Runtime: 01:22:22 | Added: 07/27/2020 | Featuring: Ariel X, Jade Baker, Penny Barber

Categories: Brunettes, Busty, Frottage, Lesbian, MILF, Seduction, Taboo, Tribadism

Video Description:

Part 1: Just a few months ago my world was turned upside down when my dad left my stepmom, Ariel.  I heard them fighting, daddy was furious and embarrassed that Ariel cheated on him with his own secretary.  Ariel cried, apologized, and fell to her knees.  I saw a different side to my father that day, and I believe I saw his true character.  When he told me to pack my shit, I laid on the floor consoling my stepmother instead.  To hell with him.  I wanted to live with my stepmom.
I don't want you to think that life is all roses and sunshine with my stepmom.  I love her but she has some serious flaws.  She's super religious and disapproves of my deviant lifestyle-- I'm a lesbian.  Isn't that like 'the pot calling the kettle black?'  I never told her that I know her secret.  I know it would crush her and now is just not the time to cause her anymore pain.  Oh yeah, speaking of pain-- mom has been a royal pain.  She wants me to change majors because an art degree won't make money.  She also struggles to pay the mortgage but redecorates the entire house.  Just when I was going to call my step-aunt for an intervention, I see her sitting in our kitchen with my stepmom having coffee and cookies.
My step-aunt, Penny Barber, is quite possibly the coolest woman on the entire fucking planet!  She's fun, she's wild, and oh yeah-- one time we kissed, and she taught me how to make myself cum.  I waited for an opportunity to be alone with her, just me and her, and this time will be different.  I will kiss her back.  I will take off her skinny jeans and panties, I will please her back!  I will.  I will! 
Part 2: My step-sister called me in tears telling me her world was falling apart.  Ariel is now divorced, she's living with her stepdaughter Jade, and she wants my help in keeping an eye on her while she looks for a job.  All of this is a little awkward, to say the least, the last time I was in Ariel's home, we got into an argument and she asked me to leave.  My stepniece was devastated that I was leaving, but that's a story for another time.  At the end of our shouting match, I was kicked out of my own sister's home!  I vowed that I would never speak to her again, but when I heard my strong sister, always the tough one, crumbling in tears, I had to come to rescue her.
Me and my step-sis grew up in what some would call a 'complicated home life.'   Our parents were hard on us, and we reacted to the extreme structure and religious shaming in different ways.  I rebelled.  Ariel tried her best to live up to their endless standards, and as a result, she finds herself never fully satisfied.  I know that my main objective is to help her see a different point of view.  I want her to set her mind and body free.  I have a way to teach her that some might call a little unorthodox, but it'll work.. I hope. 

Watch the story unfold.



I hope there is a sequel to this. I would love to see more Penny Barber . More of all three really.


Ok, Who took away that photo of Jade Baker's beautifully hairless pussy that I saw in the frame above yesterday? Just kidding! You guys can do what you want! But I do want to say what an awesome featurette this was! I just couldn't get enough of it! The three actresses in their perspective parts were absolutely stunning. I had never seen them before, and they were all so beautiful! I was almost knocked down when I saw their beautifully nude bodies twisted together each in their throes of orgasm. And (If you don't mind me mentioning) their beautiful and hairless genitalia. I have always had a love for this ever since they started waxing pubic hair. I know, this is just my opinion, but I've always been quite partial to the ravishing beauty of bare female genitals which the pubic hair seems to hide. Also, regarding these awesome ladies, I also have to mention their wonderful talent! So much Talent!!! Their acting was impeccable. I was so glad to see that there would be a prequel/sequel added to the story and I hope they will release them soon. Also, whoever did the writing of this awesome story did an absolutely splendid job. I was also astonished by Mr.Greenwood's marvelous directing. You topped yourself again Mr. Greenwood! And we can't forget Miss. Missa for this marvelous production. Thank you so much ma'am for doing the voodoo that you do so well.


Another Ricky Greenwood great video! Loved Ariel and Penny's performances-great casting job picking up these two. Please bring them both back. Thanks to Ricky for getting Penny to squirt (adds to the realism). Maybe more Penny squirting in future videos? Also, I love these multi-scene videos. Please continue to cast "new" mature women.


More Penny Barber please!!


That was beautiful.


Thank you!


I'd love to see more clips from all three actors mixed into your epic cast list. They truly acted their hearts out, and the sex was authentic! I choose to share many of your clips with my wife and we enjoy together.


Hello HapMarried. I'm happy to hear that you can share our scenes with your Mrs. Thank you for being a member, we appreciate you!


Heart wearing & sexy. I didn't want it to end.


There will likely be a prequel or sequel to this story. Thanks for taking the time to write.

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