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Study Break

Runtime: 50:36 | Added: 03/17/2022 | Featuring: RayVeness, Tyler Cruise

Categories: Blowjob, Brunettes, Busty, Creampie, Cumshot, Frottage, MILF, Taboo

Video Description:

Tyler (Cruise) is sitting at the kitchen counter busy studying, when his stepmother (Rayveness) comes in the room and goes to the fridge. "I've never seen somebody who studies so much", she says to him with a smile. "It's a lot of work trying to become a lawyer", Tyler notes. "Is it? It's all Greek to me", she says, looking at his work. "It actually is Greek", he responds. "Oh, duh!", she says. "It's mostly just for fun, but a lot of the foundation of law is rooted in the Greek language", he points out. "Very interesting. I had no idea. Your daddy doesn't like to talk to me about law", she says. "Maybe he just thinks he'd bore you. Last year at the wedding he told me he thought you were out of his league, anyways", Tyler contends. "Well, that's just because he's afraid I'll know too much", she counters. "Do you ever take a break?", she asks. "Um, sure", Tyler replies. "Well?". "Oh, you mean like right now", he says. "Yeah. I thought maybe you and I could have a little mother/stepson time together -besides, we haven't gotten to know each other, have we?", she asks. He continues to study and she says: "Oh, it's okay, I understand that you're busy", stepmom concedes. "No, no, that's fine", he says sheepishly. "What do you do outside of school? Do you have any hobbies?", she asks. "Um...", he hesitates. "Do you have any friends?", she asks. Tyler shakes his head No. "Girlfriends?", she asks. He doesn't answer, just takes a drink of water. "Oh, well, here I am", she says, reaching out to touch his cheek. "Young man, you'll find somebody", she says, and kisses Tyler on the forehead. Stepmom smiles and says: "So you don't have a girlfriend. Have you ever...you know". "I've never really had time", he answers, putting down his glass. "Well, do you want to?", she asks. "Oh yes, sure, I just don't have any clue how, like what if she laughs at me, or something", he wonders. "Most girls would be lucky to have a boy like you", she says. "I'm just kinda worried that it's never gonna happen", he says. "Do you really believe that?", she asks. He nods Yes. Stepmom starts moving towards him and Tyler says: "Mom", and she backs off. "Sorry, sorry Tyler, I shouldn't have...", she begins. "No, please", he says. "What is wrong with me? You're just a boy", she says. "I'm not a boy anymore", Tyler insists. "But you're my stepson. This isn't right -I shouldn't be taking advantage of you like this", she says. "You're not taking advantage, really I'm not mad", he says. "I shouldn't let my loneliness drive me to do things I'm gonna regret", she declares and walks out of the kitchen. He's back studying in the kitchen. Tyler leaves and goes to stepmom's bedroom, opening the door to see stepmom lying on her bed. "Are you studying?", she asks. "Yeah, for now. Are you okay?", he asks. She replies: Yeah, I am. I just took a little nap". "That sounds nice", he says. "I've been thinking", she says. "Yeah, me too", he replies, sitting on the bed next to her. She takes his hand and says: "You're not upset with me, are you?". "No, I'm just not really good at telling people what I want", he says. "I understand", stepmom says. "I just don't know if I want to be a lawyer, or if my dad just wants me to be one", he notes. "Well, your father has a way of shaping people into who he wants them to be", she contends. "Like I love law, but I feel like I'm living half a life, you know", Tyler says. "Yeah, why don't you lie down with me for a bit", she says suggestively. The two lie on the bed and she says "Here", putting his arm around her. "You smell nice", she says. "Thank you", he replies. Resting her head on his shoulder, she says: "You know my sisters and I used to lie like this for hours during rainstorms. It always reminds me of home". "You know I've actually never been held like this before", he says. "That makes me sad", she reacts. "It's just the way our family is", he says ruefully. Exhaling deeply, stepmom says: "You know when somebody tells you that they love you, they should also show you". "It doesn't hurt me. I'm totally fine", he insists. "I don't believe it", she counters. "I get good grades. I'm well adjusted", he contends. "But don't you feel like something's missing?", she asks. "I don't know", he says. "Well, has anyone ever told you that they love you?", she inquires. "I don't know", he reiterates. "Well, let me be the first. Tyler, I love you, and I want you to be happy", she declares. "I love you too", he says and tries to kiss her. Stepmom turns away. "I'm sorry", he says. "I told you not to be sorry -I'm happy", she says. "You are?", he asks. They kiss, and she asks "Is that what you want?". "I think so", he says. "Well, let's take it slow", she suggests. "Is this what you want?", he asks. Stepmom looks him in the eye and says: "It would be an honor. A young boy like you deserves love". "But I don't really know what to do", he says. "I'll show you, and if it goes too far you can tell me", she asserts. "Uh, hum", he mumbles. "You're going to have to use your words", she points out with a smile. "Yes mom", he says obediently. "Okay", she smiles and kisses him. "I don't know how I feel about you calling me mom", she wonders. "Do you want me to call you something else?", he asks. Stepmom makes a face and says: "No, just call me whatever feels natural, I guess". They embrace and she starts stroking Tyler's crotch. Watch the taboo romance unfold...

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