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Taking Care of Mommy

Runtime: 33:39 | Added: 05/17/2024 | Featuring: Jennifer White, Jimmy Michaels

Categories: Brunettes, Busty, Creampie, Cumshot, Dream, Frottage, MILF, Taboo

Video Description:

{Jennifer White introduces this tale of infidelity in voice-over: "I can feel my stepson's eyes on me. Sometimes I wonder: am I the parent, or is this 21-year-old taking care of me?".} Mikey (Jimmy Michaels) and Jennifer are driving at night to a rental house that he's booked.

As soon as they bring their luggage inside, Jennifer's phone rings, and she sees a count of over 30 new messages from her hubby, including one that reads: "I know where you are". Uh-oh! Mikey's not worried, assuring her: "Don't let him gaslight you like that. This cycle ends today -you and me both said we're leaving today". As her phone rings again, stepmom is ready to pick up this time, but Jimmy grabs it, declaring: "No, you're not going to tell him anything, at least not today. You just need to relax. I tell you what, let's order some Chinese, and watch some movies in bed. Just chill and relax". She nods in agreement and they settle down for the evening.

Later, as Jennifer naps on the bed next to him, Mikey's still working with his chopsticks on the Chinese food, reacting to the movie on TV. Laughing, he says: "Mom, she kind of reminds me of you". There's no response from Jennifer, who's fast asleep. Mikey puts down his carton of food, and carefully covers mom with a blanket. He kisses her on the forehead and gets ready for some shuteye himself.

Before he can turn off the lamp, he hears mommy murmuring: "Mikey. Mikey, it's so hot", as she throws off the blanket, her eyes still closed, talking in her sleep. She removes her sweatpants, and Mikey just shakes his head, not sure what to do. As mom begins to masturbate in her sleep, he quietly tries to wake her, but then gets up out of bed. "Stay, baby", she murmurs.

Settling back on the bed, he watches as she pleasures herself. Jennifer murmurs, "Mikey, my sweet boy", and sidles closer to him, her bare rump looking mighty inviting. "Take care of mommy", she requests, and how can he turn that down? "Mom, are you awake?", he asks, and she opens her eyes and smiles, but out of his range of vision.

"Maybe I should go", Mikey says out loud, and {Jennifer voices over: "I'm awake -God help me, I know it's wrong. I know what I'm doing but I can't help myself. I want him, my stepson. He's so close, I can practically taste him"}. She rubs her tush back and forth against his groin, and Mikey says sheepishly: "I won't take it all off mom", as he removes his shorts, revealing a hard-on pushing straight up inside his briefs. He gets a thrill as she rubs against him, just a thin fabric separating them. Mom caresses her own breasts and murmurs: "It's so nice. Touch me, touch mommy. Take care of mommy".

Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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