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The Heist

Runtime: 44:31 | Added: 10/10/2023 | Featuring: Robby Apples, Sadie Summers

Categories: Blondes, Blowjob, Busty, Creampie, MILF, Taboo

Video Description:

Stepmother Sadie Summers nervously awaits the return of her stepson Robby Echo, who arrives and announces that the deed is done: he's stolen a great sum of money from his father.

The nervous couple plans to run away, leaving his dad in the lurch, but Sadie is apprehensive about getting caught. "I'm half expecting the cops to burst in here or worse", she declares anxiously. "Trust me -he's not going to notice. We have time", Robby reassures her. "Then we have the rest of our lives", she smiles, and they kiss passionately.

Next morning, Sadie visits her son's bedroom, while daddy is away at work. They're packed and ready to go, but a loud door slamming is heard -daddy leaving the house. "He must have forgotten something", Sadie says, and rushes to the door. Soon, Robby joins her in the kitchen, with his mom sitting there crying. "He knows", she says fatefully. It turns out her husband thinks she's stolen his money, but he doesn't know yet about her illicit affair with his son.

The worried couple start making out right there in the kitchen, with Sadie still clad in her bathrobe. But Robby is anxious for them to leave, even without the money they had planned to live on, and she rushes off to get dressed before her husband returns. As they depart, Sadie takes a long look back at the house (and comfortable life) she's leaving forever.

They find a rental house, but Robby's still afraid that daddy will track them down. "He sees us as his. We belong to him", he says. "I gave him everything, all of his money back", Sadie claims. "So what? He'll be humiliated. Once he sees that I'm gone, too", Robby points out. But looking on the bright side, she declares with a smile: "I've always wanted a son -a beautiful, handsome son". "I'm yours forever now", Robby agrees. "I just don't want anything bad to happen to you", Sadie says. "At least we have each other", Robby replies, and they embrace. They make plans for the future, with Robby suggesting: "Let's go somewhere where no one knows us". "Somewhere where your father can never find us", Sadie adds. They're interrupted by the sound of a siren outside, but it's just a passing ambulance. They embrace and fall back on the bed, with Sadie murmuring: "You're such a good boy". She breathes heavily as he rubs her pussy through her red panties. He pulls them down and starts working on her luscious behind, rimming her with gusto. "You make mommy feel so good", she whispers. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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