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The Rules pt.2

Runtime: 35:54 | Added: 01/22/2019 | Featuring: Bridgette B, Ivy Wolfe, Tyler Nixon

Categories: Blondes, Blowjob, Busty, Creampie, Cumshot, Homewrecker, MILF, Taboo, Threesome

Video Description:

XBIZ 2020 Nominee - Best Movie - Comedy
XBIZ 2020 Nominee - Best B/G Sex - Comedy - Ivy/Tyler
XBIZ 2020 Nominee - Best Actor - Comedy - Tyler Nixon
XBIZ 2020 Nominee - Best Supporting Actor - Bridgette B
XBIZ 2020 WINNER - Best Actress - Comedy - Ivy Wolfe
XBIZ 2020 WINNER - Best Sex Scene - Taboo - Bridgette/Ivy/Tyler

Synopsis: Stepmother, Bridgette B, makes her return into her stepson, Tyler Nixon's, life. She's unhappy with the rules, which are stipulations on their sex life. Tyler's girlfriend, Ivy Wolfe, feels oddly jealous of Bridgette's obsessive behavior, and also she's turned on by Bridgette. Bridgette is insistent on making her own set of rules.



I loved it! The location, the story, The actors, I really think this could of gone part 3. Like when he proposed, during or after the wedding. I would of loved him to be accepting of the new three way relation and explored more dynamics of that.


I'm normally not a fan of step-mother-son scenes, but damn that was hot. NO doubt Ivy is why!


I liked this scene and it’s setup more than the other location storyline but that one had some good moments. The outdoor shoots are ok and I don’t mind vaccation shoots, it did offer a nice change of scenery. My one complaint is that the lighting was occasionally uneven throughout the location shoots. I understand that the tropics can be complicated but when it comes to atmospherics but one of things I generally like about your shoots is the clean and the even use of light. You seem to generally use natural light better than most but this element was harder to implement here. I do agree with Balmoral to a degree that outdoor shoots seem occasionally forced and inherently uncomfortable but Ivy and Bridget pulled it off. Plus we’ve all had sex in a less than optimal spot and location often doesn’t enter into the decision making process when those opportunities arise. I didn’t find any of these a turnoff per se’. I did like this scene though and felt like it was missing from the other storyline, prior to the conclusion.


I really like this scene. I love that when it starts to rain, they are so caught up in their passion they can't stop. I know this may sound pretentious but John Ford, one of the greatest movie directors, was famous for shooting a funeral scene in the rain, simply because it rained that day. It both cases, it adds a raw reality to the scene. Missa X is a creative genius and wherever her muse moves her, I will follow.


I LOVE this scene! I thought the sex and the emotional dimensions kept pushing it hotter and hotter. I'm usually not a fan of outdoor sex, but I thought this series, and "Honeymoon," manage to keep what's usually washed out of outdoor live scenes, which is the sense of intimacy and immediacy. Hollywood ties this by having actors rerecord the audio with the actors and and mixing sound effects and music in post-production. That wasn't necessary here at all. I didn't see Ivy as falling for Bridgette here as much as intrigued and turned on by participating in this threesome, with Tyler's previous and really current relationship with Bridgette. There's a minor shift in dialogue here and there I'd make (when Ivy asks if she's part of the family now, I'd like to see Bridgette engage with her), but the only thing I'd really change is have the volume fade out at the very end as the rain has built up to be so loud, instead of a sudden drop in the volume with the black screen. I see Ivy enjoying the dynamic of being played with and directed by the older woman WITH Tyler as being really erotic, and a different erotic from part 2 of the "Honeymoon" gig scene. In fact, in all the scenes shot there, the only one I'd have moved inside is "The Rules pt.1" after the pool part instead of to the outdoor couch to the indoor couch. But I thought the rain piling up in pt.2 added to the excitement. If they'd moved to a quieter indoor space as the rain for louder, that would have been fine, too, I think. I love the exotic location and the house. I did not expect to like the outdoor sex, but did. The edginess of "Rules" is different from the creepiness of "Honeymoon," and between the two I prefer ending with the eroticism here, though I appreciate the story in "Honeymoon." I love when Ivy decides she's not going to be the one to leave, and her increasing excitement at the dynamic of Bridgette directing this threesome, so that she finds herself urging Tyler to go along with it. It certainly plays to the fantasy that your girlfriend/fiancee/wife is the one urging you into an FFM threesome rather than risk denigrating her by pushing her into it. No guilt! Erotic time for all! Hot!


I like the setting but this seems really similar to the other story in the same location. It seems like their are slight differences but overall it seems to be playing out the same way. The scene was pretty hot overall but I was slightly disappointed that it seems to leading to where ivy falls for Bridgette again. But that’s more of a personal thing since I’m not a big fan of the standalone lesbian scenes.


Not just bed sex ...living room..patio etc. its just my personal opinion pools-hot tubs- in the water etc on the beach in the sand is just not a erotic setting for me and i am probably in the minority... i do however love the location and many shoots have been very good. Thanks


luv the story line but this scene would have been so much better in the bedroom or the living room.....just very awkward around the pool and takes the erotic out of the sex


ATTN MissaX Members: Please tell me if you like the tropical paradise shoots with Bridgette, Tyler, and Ivy. I am trying to guess if you like them by watching your views (and guessed that you did). It was a huge investment for us to take the actors to a new country, the biggest investment to date. I assumed that you loved the idea so I have booked another tropical paradise shoot for Spring. I am surprised, Balmoral, that you think this shoot was awkward. When it began to rain after a very long day of filming, the actors were so reinvigorated that I didn't want to call cut and stop them, even though our cameras and equipment was getting rained on! I want to give you, the members, different scenes, and also surprise you by sex in different locations. Let me know if the efforts are worthwhile, or like Balmoral, you want us to stick to bed sex. I hope you enjoy the story, "The Rules," and I hope each character entertains you. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. ~Missa

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