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What's Best For You

Runtime: 48:28 | Added: 03/12/2022 | Featuring: Cadence Lux, Tommy Pistol

Categories: Blondes, Blowjob, Busty, Cumshot, Natural, Stepdad, Taboo

Video Description:

Laura (Cadence Lux) is masturbating in bed, and Stepdad (Tommy Pistol) peeks through the doorway, taking pictures of her with his phone. A flash gets her attention, and he leaves.

Next morning he's having coffee when she comes down, and he bawls her out, after informing her that her mom has "gone on a little trip" suddenly. "If you want to keep living here you're going to need to be re-educated", he declares. Later, in her bedroom he's filling up a box of her belongings, and starts complaining as he examines a dresser drawer of her panties. "Filthy, filthy, filthy", he declares "They're not clean, we're going to wash them". Back in the kitchen Laura washes her panties and afterward folds them neatly under daddy's strict supervision, as he wields a ruler, dominating her. "Good girl", he declares as she finishes, telling Laura: "All right, now let's go put 'em away". Back in her bedroom, stepdad says: "All I want is what's best for you".

He says: "I love you like a daughter. I want to see you thrive. I don't want to see you sad and alone for your whole life. You have to learn to control your urges". "I'll do better", Laura says. "I know you will", he says and they hug. "I'll save you", stepdad declares.

Later she is all dressed up, finishing neatly making her bed, and stepdad declares: "Not bad. It reminds me of my army days. Take a seat", and Laura sits at the foot of the bed. "Okay, so today we're going to talk about your experience", he announces. "My experience?", she says quizzically. "I'm not looking forward to this either, so...", he begins. She interrupts: "You mean like sex". "I already know you touch yourself", stepdaddy says. "So have you been with any boys?", he asks. Laura nods Yes.

She declares: "But I'm not the girl that you think I am. I've actually only had one boyfriend". "And I'm assuming you've done stuff with him? You kissed, and more?", he responds. Laura laughs and says: "We did what people do when they're together". "Can you explain that? Did you go down on him?", he asks. "Yes, I wanted to make him happy", she says. "Did he force you?". "No, no, he was nice", she insists. "Okay, that's nice you wanted to please him. Is he the only boy you've ever been with?", he inquires. She nods Yes.

"I'm sorry if these questions are making you uncomfortable", stepdaddy says. Laura shrugs her shoulders: "That's okay. I just, I loved him very much, daddy". "What happened?", he asks. "He broke up with me. I guess he wanted to experience other girls", she notes. Stepdaddy pontificates: "That's the problem with modern life. You two should have got married, you made each other happy, but you just got caught up in wanting to be with everything and everyone I guess, I'm sorry".

"Do you think I'll ever find love again?", Laura asks. "I will help you find the right man", stepdad asserts. "Thanks daddy, I love you so much", she smiles. "I love you too so much, baby. I'm sorry I've been so harsh on you, but hasn't it been good?", he says. She nods Yes and declares: "I like making you happy". "You make me so happy", he agrees. "Is there something wrong with me?", she suddenly wonders. "What do you mean?". "I mean I'm trying really hard to be your good girl. I'm trying to do what you say, but I'm still having these urges".

"Well, those will go away in time", stepdaddy reassures her. "What if they never go away?", she asks despairingly. "Well hopefully, when you meet the right man, he'll help take care of all that for you", he responds. "And how will I know he's the right man? What if I choose the wrong one?", she wonders. "No, no", he says, sitting down on the bed next to her. "When my ex Kyle broke up with me, I felt worse than dirt about myself, and I honestly still feel that way", she confesses.

"The right man will never make you feel like that", he claims. "When you caught me the other night, touching myself, did I repulse you?", Laura asks. "I suppose at first I was angry, but then I was just sad", he says. "Sad because I disappointed you?", she asks. "No, no, not at all. I was sad because you had no one to love you, sad that you were alone. And it broke my heart that there was no one with you in this whole world", he replies.

"Then why did you punish me?", Laura asks. "No, I didn't punish you". "You didn't?". "No, I wanted to teach you your self-worth. Did you feel punished?", stepdad says. "At first", she declares. "And now?". "Now I feel loved", she replies. Stepdad kisses her tenderly. Breaking off from her, he repeats "And now?". "I feel loved", she reiterates. "I know this must be confusing, but I just want to show you that you deserve to be loved", he claims. "I love you so much daddy, I just want to make you happy", she says. "I love you so much baby. It's my chance to please you now", he responds. "Just tell me what you want", she pleads.

"You're such a good girl", stepdaddy says. He places Laura's hand on his crotch. "You're so eager to please, aren't you?", he asks. She nods Yes, adding "I just want to please you daddy". "You see how happy you made me", he says as she feels his boner through his jeans. "I do", she nods again. "I like making you happy", she whispers. "I just want to make you so happy", stepdad says. "Yes, daddy", she says and they kiss again. Watch the taboo romance unfold...

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