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Winner Takes All

Runtime: 01:09:04 | Added: 12/19/2022 | Featuring: Aubree Valentine, Jason Pierce, Ryan Driller

Categories: Blowjob, Brunettes, Creampie, Cuckold, Natural, Stepdad, Taboo

Video Description:

Aubree (Valentine) lives with her stepdad Ryan (Driller) -just the two of them ever since her mom left him for another man. She finally gets the courage to introduce stepdaddy to her new boyfriend Dylan (Jason Pierce) and they don't exactly hit it off. "Nice to meet you Ryan", Dylan says as they shake hands. "Sir, or Mr. Remington is fine", Ryan corrects him, looking intimidating in his policeman's uniform. "I've wanted to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage, but only if she said she would if you were okay with it and you would agree", Dylan announces. Ryan starts grilling them about how intimate they've become already, but both Aubree and Dylan claim they've only kissed so far. "So you want to fuck my little girl", Ryan asks, looking sternly at the young man. "No, she wants to wait until marriage for that sort of thing. She wants to wait until she's in love", Dylan replies. "So Dylan, you want to kiss my girl?", Ryan asks calmly. "Yes, I've kissed other girls before but she's the one. I'd do anything to kiss her", Dylan claims. "Well then, I'll play you for it", Ryan declares, pulling a deck of cards out of his pocket. The three of them go into the next room and sit down at the dining room table. Taking the cards out of their box Ryan says to Aubree: "All right, if I lose I have to watch him kiss you. But if I win, he has to watch me kiss you". He deals a hand of Texas Hold 'em, and Ryan wins with two pair. Dylan can hardly bear to look as Aubree sits on her stepdaddy's lap and kisses him sexily, and Ryan says "Good girl". Dylan counters: "All right, two out of three! This time, the winner gets to kiss her, and see her with her top off". "I want to, daddy -I need this", Aubree chimes in. "Fine, you'll lose, and I'll win your daughter in the end", Dylan claims with some bravado.

Ryan shuffles the cards and deals another hand. Dylan wins, and the score is now one and one. Ryan insists on shuffling again, and he wins the deciding hand with a flush. Aubree stands up and sensuously lowers her dress off, revealing her naked breasts, still wearing panties. Stepdaddy kisses her lustily, and Aubree begs off, noting they're due to meet another couple on a date in half an hour. "No, no, one more round. Winner takes all, winner gets to taste her".

"You're talking about oral sex?", stepdaddy asks. "Winner takes all", Dylan repeats. "You hear that? Your fiance's got a bit of a gambling problem", Ryan tells Aubree. "You can't win -he used to play professionally", Aubree says to her boyfriend. This time Dylan shuffles and deals, but is afraid to look at the cards. Ryan keeps his cool, but still taunts the young man in front of his daughter, while Aubree declares: "My body aches. I'm so wet, throbbing. I know I shouldn't be like this". Stepdaddy wins again, and orders Aubree to sit on the table. She sits facing Ryan, and he says with a smile: "Look at that", and fingers her pussy. Placing her leg over his shoulder, he moves her panties to the side, revealing her labia, and begins licking her passionately.

Stepdaddy kisses her nipple as she reaches an orgasm. Dylan gets up from the table exasperated, saying: "Aubree, we need to go". "She's staying", counters Ryan. "Aubree, if you don't leave with me, then I'm gone", Dylan announces. He walks straight to the front door and leaves. A bit embarrassed, Aubree gets up and goes to her room.

Weeks later, Dylan and Aubree have made up and are an item again. Everything was fine until he came over and confronts Ryan. Picking up the deck of cards. he throws them down on the table and declares "Winner takes all". "Is that what you really want?", Ryan asks his daughter. "I want fate to decide who my first man's going to be", Aubree insists. Dylan deals the cards, and Ryan wins with a royal flush! "Kiss me?", Aubree whispers, and stepdaddy obliges, with Dylan unable to watch. Aubree gets up and begins to disrobe, her big, beautiful butt facing Dylan. As stepdaddy caresses her, Dylan cannot look away this time. Ryan removes her panties and sniffs them, triumphantly, tossing them into Dylan's face. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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