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An Acquired Taste

Runtime: 44:10 | Added: 02/15/2022 | Featuring: Chad Alva, Freya Parker

Categories: Blowjob, Brunettes, Cumshot, Natural, Stepsister, Taboo

Video Description:

Stepsister (Freya Parker) is on the phone when Tony (Chad Alva) arrives, listening to her conversation. "Get out!" she yells at him, and he responds: "I live here too". She hangs up and yells at him: "What the fuck Tony, haven't you heard of a little privacy?".

"The last time I checked, this is the living room. If you wanted to make a private call you could have done it in your own bedroom", Tony says. "Well, you shouldn't have been eavesdropping it", she answers. "Who was that, anyway?", he asks. "Why do you care?". "Is it another one of those old guys?", he inquires. "Oh my God, Tony, I am not having this conversation with you right now". "Why, what's wrong with me?". "You're my stepbrother".

"Well, do you like him?", Tony asks, returning to her phonecaller. "I mean he's okay, he's really nice. I mean he tells me I'm really pretty and makes me feel good", she notes. "Well, at least he has eyes", Tony quips. "And good taste", she brags. "But do you like him? How old is he, exactly?". She hits Tony on the chest and declares: "You know you're a real brat, you know that?". They start fighting and she ends up on top of him on the couch.

"Just would have been easier if we had grown up together, two weirdos trying to navigate life", she offers. "Hey, I'm not a weirdo", Tony declares. "It's not really a bad thing, but you're a weirdo, Tony. It's okay, I am too" she says. Continuing, she notes: "You kinda remind me of all the guys I used to chase in high school. Thank God I'm over that". "So why don't you tell me a little more about these other guys?", Tony asks.

"They were handsome", she says. "So that makes me handsome, then", Tony jokes. "You're an acquired taste", she emphasizes. "Yes, so it's a taste you have acquired. Come on, don't act like you don't know exactly what you're doing", he complains. "You're right, I'm sorry, my weird, handsome brother", she admits, laying her head on his shoulder, and putting her hand on his. "You know there are a lot of guys out there your age who think that you're very pretty", Tony says. "But they're all emotionally crippled", she claims.

"Can I show you something?", she asks. "Sure", he replies. "It's better in my room, though", she maintains. "Oh yeah? I thought the living room was your private space", he mocks. "Come on", she takes her brother to her room, and they sit side by side on her bed. She shows him a photo on her phone. "I don't remember taking that picture", he says in surprise. "Yeah, that's because it's not you, dumb ass", she jokes.

"It looks exactly like me", he claims. "Yeah, that's what I told you", she says. "So you're into that guy?", he wonders. "I was, but I hate him now. He broke my heart into a million pieces. Everytime I look at you, you remind me of him", she laments. "How do you FEEL when you look at me?", Tony inquires. "I'm all confused, like I want to kill you", she states.

"Oh, that's all?", Tony mocks. "Well, also, I want to fuck your brains out", she says. "Oh, so that's it", he says in surprise. "That's it", she nods. "I think you're very, very pretty", he states sincerely. "You do?". He goes on: "Yeah, and I really don't like seeing you spending so much time with all these old guys". "Okay!", she exclaims. "Look, don't be mad -I just wish you could see what I see", Tony says. "Tony...", she responds, but he interrupts: "Listen for a second, okay? I really, really like you. I don't want to see you get hurt. I care about you and I think you should be with someone who cares about you the same way. Not someone who likes you just because you're younger, or hot, or sexy, or whatever!".

"Well, what are you going to do about that?", she asks. He places his hand on her knee, and she says: "Tony, you're still my stepbrother". "It doesn't matter", he says. "It does -we're going to get hurt", she pleads. "I don't care. I don't give a fuck what people think'', he declares. "I do", she says. Tony strokes her neck as she says: "It's not that I don't want to". "Then just give in", Tony pleads, and kisses her neck. They kiss. Watch the taboo romance unfold...

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