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Man of the House

Runtime: 41:29 | Added: 03/03/2024 | Featuring: Max Fills, Olive Glass

Categories: Blowjob, Brunettes, Busty, Creampie, Cum in Mouth, Lingerie, MILF, Natural, Rimming, Taboo

Video Description:

Max (Fills) has a problem: he's crushing on his stepmom (Olive Glass), but she's both teasing and tempting him, while at the same time, outright cold to him. In a simple conversation where he invites her to come with him to a coffee shop, she belittles his ability to pick up girls his own age and accuses him of still being a virgin at age 22. That's the last straw -Max is determined to show her, but when he pushes mom onto her bed and starts making out, they're interrupted by the doorbell ringing. Max heart starts to speed up. Is it dad? He does not want his father to find out what he had done.

It's just a package delivery, Max is relieved. That night, Olive is sitting up late in the kitchen, waiting for her husband to get home, but Max mocks her a bit, reminding mom that his dad likely won't show up till morning. He hopes she will show him her warmth. She kissed him back on the bed! She must be open to the idea of kissing him, maybe even making love to him.

She's dismissive of him, even when he boasts about how he used to make love to an older woman, their neighbor Sally, before they moved away. Olive remains unimpressed, declaring: "You couldn't handle a woman like me. Your daddy knows how to make me happy. I'm his willing slave, bent over and waiting for his touch when he gets home". She seems to delight in being sarcastic to Max, clearly aware of how to get his goat.

He's lying on his bed texting dad, who asks him to let mom know he'll be home by 6 a.m. Max has a bright idea: he goes to the front door and opens, then closes it loudly. In her bedroom, Olive perks up at the sound. She thinks that it must be her husband! Clad in sexy black lingerie, she puts on her blindfold, anxious to be serviced by hubby. Max approaches the bedroom and is greeted by her: "My eyes are closed Mr. Johnson, just like you requested," her voice is silky and sultry. It drives young Max absolutely wild. "It's about time, too. I've been thinking about you all day."

Max is already rock hard but can he pull this off? Max hesitates in her bedroom doorway, she purrs: "I'm all yours", and he slowly steps forwarrd. With every step his courage grows. He sees her perfect ass, so shapely with all off her yoga classes with the other uppity MILFs. He fondles her rear, then feels up mom's breasts. "Are you in pyjamas?", she asks in confusion. Max stumbles. He wonders if he's been found out! She then feels his erection, then exclaims: "Oh, God! I didn't even know your cock could get that big." Assuming the position on her knees facing away from him, she asks: "Are you okay baby? You haven't said a word". Max grunts and continues his impersonation.

Pulling down mom's panties, he fingers her wet pussy. Picking up a pair of handcuffs lying on the bed, he locks them on her wrists, and Olive purrs: "Ooh, officer. Now you need to bend me over because I have been a bad, bad girl". She continues: "Baby, take out your cock and rub it against my pussy". What will happen when mommy discovers who is servicing her? Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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