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Mommy Cums First

Runtime: 44:11 | Added: 06/27/2023 | Featuring: Reagan Foxx, Ricky Spanish

Categories: Blowjob, Brunettes, Busty, Cumshot, Frottage, MILF, Seduction, Taboo

Video Description:

MILF of the Year, Stepmom (Reagan Foxx), gets out of the shower and tries to phone her husband, but he's not picking up as usual. She changes into a little something fresh and pretty and calls out for her stepson Ricky (Spanish), and complains about his father: "I don't like being ignored". She suspects he's carrying on with his secretary.

The young man tries to reassure his mom: "You're beautiful -my friends think you're hot". Wearing her heart on her sleeve, she wonders: "Do you think I should leave him?". Ricky is reluctant to have this conversation, replying merely: "I would miss you around the house". "I think that's sweet. A boy's best friend should be his mother", she replies. Ricky becomes increasingly uncomfortable, not wanting to answer his stepmom's personal questions. Finally, she gets to the point: "Honey, I'm sorry, you don't have a girlfriend, do you?".

She hugs him, declaring: "I'm just surprised, that's all. You're so handsome -you are a younger version of your father. You're kind, you're sensitive, and I know you're going to be able to please a woman just the way she needs to be pleased". Noting that his dad isn't phoning her she boldly says: "I was thinking that you and I could use this to get back at him. He doesn't see what an amazing kid you are -he doesn't respect you. You and me, we're home alone. I'm sexually frustrated -you're sexually frustrated". Ricky says he's not a virgin, but his girlfriend moved away. He doesn't get his stepmom's drift, so Reagan impulsively pulls him toward her and kisses Ricky lustily on the lips.

Grabbing his crotch, Reagan declares: "What I'm trying to tell you, do you want this?". Then she whispers: "I need you to be an incredible lover. Would you like that?". Ricky nods his assent, saying: "I want you to teach me, mom". "Lesson number one: women like to be complimented", she asserts. "You're so hot, you're so beautiful", Ricky complies, and starts kneading her breast. She pulls down his slacks and a big, erect cock pops out. She starts stroking it, and then bends over, taking it in her mouth. "Lesson number two: take your time, and taste every single inch of your partner", she purrs. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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