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Mom's Dirty Book Club

Runtime: 47:13 | Added: 04/02/2024 | Featuring: Bunny Madison, Charlie Forde, Max Fills

Categories: Blondes, Blowjob, Busty, Creampie, Cum in Mouth, Lesbian, MILF, Taboo, Threesome

Video Description:

Bonnie's stepson Troy (Max Fills) is very shy, and Bonnie (played by Charlie Forde) wants him to try and socialize more in order to get him out of his shell. She decides it would help to invite him to join her little book club she operates with her best friend Wendy (Bunny Madison), not as a punishment, but for the youngster's own good.

Wendy wonders if this is such a good idea. After all, the first book they've all read for the first meeting of the trio is a bit racy -what will he think about it? Troy gives his reaction: he can't understand how the heroine puts up with being mistreated by her husband and while she cheats on him wants to stay with him at all costs. Wendy points out that sex can be a powerful driving force that makes people do foolish things, and you have to try to understand the character and her motivation, but he remains mystified.

"You never had a girlfriend, Troy?", Wendy asks him. "It's not important to me", he claims. Wendy hands her car keys to him and asks if he could go get her purse from her car -she forgot to bring it in with her. He obliges, and that leaves the two women to have a quick discussion about Troy in his absence. Wendy boldly states that she'll seduce Troy, to help him along with his development.

Understandably, Bonnie objects strenuously to this notion. Before a fight between them can begin, Troy returns and Wendy kisses him on the cheek, thanking him for trying to find her purse. She returns to the book discussion, declaring: "What I thought was exciting is that Alice was so inexperienced, but Master was such a willing teacher that when he taught her to go down on him it made me hot", as she gently puts her hand on Troy's knee. As her hand strays toward his groin, Bonnie jumps up and grabs her friend's hand -pushing it away.

Troy is embarrassed, but Wendy tries to explain: "I just thought it would be fun to give you a little attention, that's all. Listen, sweetie, do you want to talk about our book club, or do you want your cock sucked?". Stepmom interjects: "I swear Troy, I didn't plan this. I can ask her to leave". Wendy gets up to go, saying: "It's okay. Your mom probably wants you to herself anyway". Troy breaks the women up and says diplomatically: "All right, I'll stay. I just thought you guys were making fun of me".

Calmed down, the three of them sit back down and Troy explains: "I thought there was something wrong with me because I've never been with a girl". With Wendy and Bonnie finally agreeing on the best course of action, they all head for the bedroom, where Troy and Wendy sit down on the bed. As Wendy kisses her stepson, Bonnie declares: "I feel like a third wheel". The others encourage her to stay and stepmom kisses him.

It's time for the mature ladies to gang up on Troy: Wendy reaches for his groin and asks coyly: "Did anyone ever touch you like that?". He doesn't object, and Wendy says to Bonnie: "You're his stepmom. You go first". Bonnie unzips her son's pants and pulls out his big cock and kisses its tip. She then offers it to Wendy, who begins sucking, with Bonnie following suit. As Troy enjoys all the attention, the ladies belatedly undress, and Troy sucks on his mom's nipples. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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