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The Wolfe Next Door

Runtime: 54:52 | Added: 06/01/2018 | Featuring: Chad White, Ivy Wolfe, Scarlett Sage

Categories: Blondes, Blowjob, Creampie, Cumshot, Homewrecker, Lesbian, Natural, Petite, Seduction, Tribadism

Video Description:

I sit on the Psychiatrist's pink velvet sofa as her eyes are fixated on her notepad. "So you want to hear about the day it all began? I guess it started when I asked my husband for a divorce. I was just irritated with him, everything he did would annoy me. A part of me worried I had fallen out of love with him, but I also had other things on my mind, like my boss and his new expectations of me as Supervisor."
My husband and I had gotten into an argument. It was silly, trivial, now that I think back on it.. but at the time, that moment was everything. I wanted a divorce, and I said the words to him. I hoped he would wake up at that moment, pull me in close, beg me not to leave him. He didn't. He calmly nodded, "if that's what you really want." No emotion. No struggle. He was going to let me go!
I grabbed my keys, my work bag, and I headed next door. My best friend, Ivy, would know what to do. She listened to me quietly as I explained how our relationship is basically over, and he doesn't care at all. I knew she would settle my nerves, tell me I'm on the right track, and that in time, everything will be alright. She would agree with me, she gets me. She would totally agree that I have to leave him.
Ivy, "You have to stay with your husband!"
"What?!" "Marriages aren't easy, you have to constantly work at them. You have to put in work, just as you put in time at your job, you have to put in time together."
"but you don't understand.. it's almost as if he WANTS me to divorce him. He seemed almost pleased when I told him I want a divorce. not angry at all."
Ivy took my hand, "I agree with you. There is something wrong with your marriage, but you can't just leave. He'd take everything you have, and you'd have to split up the time with your boy, it would kill him to break up his family."
"I guess.. I suppose you're right."
Ivy thought for a moment and asked, "How's sex with Chad?"
"What does that have to do with anything?"
"It has everything to do with if your relationship is salvageable or not.
"The sex is still amazing. Chad is an amazing lover, very attentive, and he's always surprising me."
Ivy nods thinking to herself. I knew she was going to come up with a plan. I then remembered my friend from work, "Jenny from work knows a great psychiatrist that also does marriage counseling."
Ivy rolled her eyes, "No, bad idea. Psychiatrists just want to bleed you dry and dose you up. They're overrated and you don't need them. Let me talk to him "
Ivy was going to make everything okay. She gave me confidence that I could be a better wife, a more sexually experimental wife. I felt as if she opened a door and showed a whole new world of pleasure to me. I was going to be the woman my husband deserved.

Ivy comes to the door, it's raining, and her open-toed heels stay dry by her four-inch stiletto heels, she knocks on the door and practices her "confused" look. "Oh is Scarlett not home?" she asks Chad when he tells her she's at work. "How silly of me. Well, may I come in and use your restroom, really quick?" He lets her in, trying not to stare at her perfect ass in her lavender pencil skirt. Scarlett had mentioned before he has "a thing" for her in her work skirts, hmph.. it's a good thing that Ivy took note of all his weaknesses. She needs everything she can use to make him her's.
Ivy comes out of the bathroom and sees Chad sitting on the sofa waiting to walk her out. He stands.
Ivy walks towards him, "oh, don't get up.. I wanted to tell you that Scarlett came over and told me about your problem, and I'm totally on your side."
Chad looks confused, he would never talk to his friends about their relationship issues, and the idea of Scarlett telling Ivy their troubles irritates him, "You are?"
"Absolutely. I told her that she's got to be a lot less uptight, she's so irritable for whatever reason and she's taking it out on you, I mean.. you poor guy."
Chad scoffs, "thank you. It seems like anything I do annoys her. I annoyed her by walking in the house too heavy, she hates that I grew a beard, and last week she told me I breath too loud."
Ivy rolls her eyes, "seriously?"
"Yeah. But hey-- I think she's just under a lot of stress from work. They promoted her and now she's got a team of people underneath her, her boss is always criticizing her, and she doesn't even get her pay raise until they are satisfied with her performance as supervisor"
Ivy nods, "that's got to be it.. And hey-- I'm doing my best to get her a little less uptight in the bedroom too." She winks at Chad.
Chad swallows in tension, "she told you about our sex life?"
Ivy nods and smiles knowingly
"She said she has a problem with our sex life?"
Ivy puts her hand on Chad's knee, "yeah but not that it's your fault. I told you, I'm on YOUR side."
" I can't believe she would talk about something so personal." Ivy tries to soothe him, "yeah.. hey.. I'm her best friend, and girls talk.. it's not a big deal."
Chad looks down in shame.
"I totally feel for you. She's a sweet girl, so wholesome, but she's got to be less mousey and stiff if she wants to keep a man like yourself satisfied."
"Well thank you but I wouldn't say she's stiff or mousey, no.. not at all."
Ivy rubs his thigh, she stares into his eyes and purrs, "You're very handsome, very masculine, I know you've got strong sexual needs that are left unfulfilled, you need more of a Wolfe in the bedroom than a mouse."
Chad clears his throat and sits back, "Thanks, but I think we're doing alright in that part of our relationship. Her sex drive is not an issue in our relationship, she even wants it when we're fighting."
Ivy gushes and she crawls ontop of him, "mm make-up sex is so passionate, tell me.. do you throw her down and fuck the anger our of her?"
Chad looks to the side, trying not to do what his body wants him to do. He considers putting his arms around her, kissing her, or picking her up and sitting her on her heels to head back outside the door.
Ivy digresses, "Missionary, of course. I know Scarlet's a mish-girl. Scarlet told me you have a big cock, do you lay her down and punish her with it when she's been a bad girl?"
Chad laughs awkwardly, "So.. your husband is next door, right?"
Ivy nods, "I don't want to talk about my husband. I'd rather talk about you, your needs, your cock. Scarlet and I talked and she said that she'd trust me to fuck you, the way you've always dreamt of fucking her."
"She said that?"
Ivy nods, her lips just millimeters next to Chad's. She won't kiss him, he has to make the first move for her plan to work. She purrs, "She can be your little proper wife, and let me be your dirty whore next door."

Watch the story unfold..

XBIZ Best Boy-Girl Sex Scene - Ivy Wolfe & Chad White

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