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An Honest Man

Runtime: 51:09 | Added: 06/21/2022 | Featuring: Blake Blossom, Will Pounder

Categories: Blondes, Blowjob, Busty, Creampie, Cumshot, Homewrecker, Natural, Tease

Video Description:

Michael (Will Pounder) was genuinely surprised when his wife's friend Lisa (Blake Blossom) comes knocking at his door. She's brought back a casserole dish she borrowed, but his wife Laura is away, and he invites her in, not expecting what the lovely little homewrecker has in store for him.

Seductive as all hell, Lisa butters Michael up, flirting outrageously, but he's not tempted, telling her "I'm a happily married man". Uh-oh. Matters escalate when the bag she's brought turn out to contain a large dildo!

Lisa's explanation is a bit wild, but then again, she makes perfect sense- seems she came over to help Laura with some masturbation instruction, to teach her how to achieve orgasm pleasuring herself, in an effort to improve matters in the bedroom. like she's solved with her own husband Derek. No, not for her to use on his wife, but for her to use on herself as she instructs her wife how to have the perfect orgasm. She further explains that she and Derek sometimes resort to giving each other a free pass to choose another man (or in Derek's case, a woman) to help spice things up.

Lisa can't wait around for Laura to come home. She asks Laura's husband, Will, to help film her masturbating -to show the video to his wife as a marital aid (seems Lisa & Derek are about to leave on vacation), Will is skeptical, but soon Lisa's wrapped him around her little finger, and he's using her phone to shoot a JOI vignette to fulfill Lisa's promise to help out his wife.

She sets up a fantasy for her friend to employ, pretending to be Laura, and sexily stripping to tempt husband Will. Lisa's unveiling her big breasts and demo of a blow job using the dildo as prop doesn't fail to turn Michael the amateur cameraman on. Nominally addressing her friend Laura with the tutorial, it's Michael who's reacting to the naughty vixen's dirty talk and manipulation of the dildo that entraps the lucky guy.

Soon, he's joining in while keeping himself off-camera, pretending to be Derek as the cameraman. Watch the scene unfold, as Lisa substitutes Michael's cock for the dildo and takes full control over him -no need for a camera anymore. And don't miss the delicious surprise ending!

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