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The Seychelles pt. 1

Runtime: 36:15 | Added: 12/03/2019 | Featuring: Adriana Chechik, Mona Wales, Tyler Nixon

Categories: Blondes, Blowjob, Creampie, MILF, Natural, Squirting

Video Description:

Every married couple experiences a lull in their relationship. Mona and Tyler decide to take a romantic vacation to reignite the flame to the Seychelles. Tyler has chosen the location, a secluded home deep in the jungle but near the beach-- a perfect space to unwind his worry-wart wife. Mona is relaxing on the beach with her husband when she sees a beautiful brunette woman walking down the beach in a gauzy sundress. The sun spotlights her as the wind tosses her silky auburn hair and blows her sundress back revealing a goddess-like figure. Mona looks at her own body and quietly compares, then glances at Tyler in the hopes that he doesn't see this breathtaking woman. She catches Mona's stare and Mona quickly smiles and looks away, and just then she stops walking. She sets her towel down in the sand, right in front of the couple, and prepares to sun bathe. Mona scrunches her brow. There are a million spots on the beach, why must she choose the spot right in front of us?
She wiggles her hourglass body to slide her sundress down. She's wearing a bikini-- a thong bikini! Mona scoffs in disgust, she looks at her napping husband, and she thanks God that his eyes are still closed. The woman lays down on her stomach, and her perfectly pert ass is on display for anyone to see. Mona presses her lips together, she feels furious. This woman must be putting on a show, she's probably one of those exhibitionist types. She wants to be gone, back to their beautiful, safe cottage. She secretly plans how she and Tyler will escape without him seeing this woman. What if he compares her to me? This woman is everything she could not be, brave, independent, and she radiates sexuality. She contemplates her younger days, when she used to tease married men for the fun of it, and just now, as a cruel twist of fate, she is being punished by this woman who is obviously flaunting her perfect body in front of her handsome man. Tyler rolls over and sees his wife glaring, seething in jealousy and resentment, "you okay?" He looks ahead and sees her. His jaw drops in awe at her beauty. "I'm tired of the beach," Mona tells him, "let's go." She tries her hardest not to seem angry, but she is. Tyler hesitates and offers an alternative, "we could go to the restaurant," he points at a tiki bar nearby, where he will still have a view of this gorgeous showoff. Mona pulls the towel out from under him, and he rolls out onto the black sand, she insists that they go back to the house, NOW. The two playfully bicker in the car until they see her, the woman is hitchhiking! Tyler pulls over to offer the woman a ride, despite his wife's insistence that it's dangerous to pick up hitchhikers in a foreign country.

Watch the story unfold..



What do I think of Mona Wales? Well, She’s a pisser!


Great start to a new series. Love Mona squirting.


Where's part 2???Are you not going to continue this story?


I can hardly wait for part two. I want to what sexual intrigue is afoot with ultra hot Adrianna.


Will be interesting to see where this one goes. I thought the scene was pretty good and I like seeing these outside scenes every and now then.


Missa you never fail me especially when I get to see the lovely Mona I cant wait to see what's next thank you.


Thank you Beserker! Isn't Mona charming? I am totally in love with her character, such a worry wart! Thank you Lortespurs. AND thanks SidewalkEnforcer for noticing that Tyler left the front gate unlocked so deliberately. I added a little sound effect there to try to draw even more attention to that piece and I'm glad it worked. There's a reason he left the gate unlocked, we want you to wonder what he is up to.


Great cast. Exciting scenery. Mona is a beauty.


Why do I have the feeling that Tyler is opening the door for Adriana? This looks like the start of a fun story. Mona plays a character similar to someone I know in real life but I can't imagine this woman is a squirter! This is easily the hottest sex scene I have ever seen Mona perform. She's incredible. I love seeing Adriana too, and hope to see her get in on the action. This scene is a breath of fresh air. Kudos to all involved.

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