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Are You Lonely?

Runtime: 44:04 | Added: 04/26/2022 | Featuring: Olive Glass, Tyler Cruise

Categories: Blowjob, Brunettes, Busty, Cumshot, MILF, Natural, Taboo

Video Description:

Tyler (Cruise) is standing at the bedroom door, watching his stepmother (Olive Glass) get dressed, his gaze riveted on her pantyhose. He knocks, and she turns to greet him, smiling: "Come in".

"I just wanted to say good morning", he says. "Good morning. What are you up to today? Anything exciting?", stepmom asks. "I thought I would just stick around here. Do you need anything?", he asks. Her face turns serious, and she says: "You should really get out more, Tyler. I worry about you". "Well you shouldn't. I like hanging around here with you", he asserts. "I like it too, but you're young. You should be out there, making mistakes, getting into trouble", she says, putting on her high heels.

"Not too much trouble, because I'm not ready to become a grandmother yet", she advises and laughs. "Well, you don't have to worry about that", he says. "See, I hate when you say things like that. It makes me feel like some old witch, locked away in her castle with her stepson", she says. "You're not old", he points out. "But I'm a witch?", she jokes. "You've cast a spell on me", he claims.

"You're too much. Just teasing though", stepmom says. "I want to be here with you", he says sincerely. "Yeah, I understand -I really do. I'm lonely too", she says. "Well, we have each other. Why do we need anybody else?", he wonders. "I miss your father", she says. "Well, maybe he should be more around here then", Tyler says. "We're not his priority", stepmom asserts, and gets up to kiss Tyler on the cheek. She leads him out of the bedroom.

Later he is sitting at the kitchen counter. Stepmom says: "Look Tyler, I'm just saying you need to find some purpose in your life, whether it's art or relationships, or something. It's not healthy for you to be around here all day. Say something". "I have time to figure all of that out", he replies. "I'm not saying you don't", she counters. "It's just with dad gone all the time I didn't want you to be lonely", he contends. "That's sweet, but I can take care of myself", she insists.

"I know, but...", Tyler begins. "No buts about it. I'm a grown-up. I can make my own friends", stepmom insists. "Do you have any friends?", he asks. "Yes, they're just busy", she claims. "Well, maybe you could invite them over sometime", he suggests. "Maybe I will", she replies. "Did I say something wrong?", he asks. "No, no honey. It's just fine. I guess I'm just in my thoughts today", she says. "Well, is there anything I could do to help you?", he asks. Grabbing his hand, she says: "You're a good kid Tyler, but I'm the parent in this relationship, not you".

"I hate when you talk to me like that. You know I'm almost 21, right?", Tyler says. "Don't be so sensitive! I wasn't saying anything disrespectful", she insists. "Well, I know I should be out there doing things, but it's not easy for me to make friends", he says. 'You're a sweet kid. You'll figure it out, and I'll always be here waiting for you", stepmom says, taking his hand again. "I don't even know how to make friends. I've never been good at it", he insists, shaking his head.

"Believe it or not, I understand", she contends. "No way -look at you", he responds. Stepmom laughs and says: "It's true! I was a weirdo. I was goth, and I was into horror movies, and witchy stuff. Sure, I wanted to be different, but sometimes I wanted to be part of the group", she insists. "Well, how did that happen?", he asks. "These", she laughs, pointing to her ample breasts. "I don't know how that is going to help you, though", she jokes. "No, I guess not", he smiles.

"In all seriousness though, it's been hard for me coming out here too. All my friends are out East", she says. "Yeah, I didn't realize it was so tough", he says. "It's okay. I choose the sunshine over friends any day", she says, looking out the window. "It's kinda sad", he says. "You know what you need?", she asks. "What's that?", Tyler says. "A little confidence", she declares. "Start working out. Meditate. Connect to some inner part of yourself. You already shine so brightly -let the world see it", she tells him. Taking his hands in hers, she says: "You are my light", and bends over to kiss Tyler.

Breaking away from each other, Tyler says: "I'm sorry". "Tyler, I want to help but this isn't the way", stepmom insists. Shaking his head, he says: "You're just like all the others. You say all these nice things, but you see me as some loser". "That's not it!", she insists. "You just think I'm weird", he says. "No I don't. I think you're an amazing and special person", she declares. He turns and abruptly leaves the kitchen as she cries out "Tyler!".

Tyler is on his bed looking at his cell phone. Stepmom knocks on the door and asks "Can I come in?". He nods a little, and continues to gaze at his phone. She sits down on the bed next to him and says: "I wish I knew what to say". "I'm just so embarrassed. Please don't tell dad", he pleads. "Don't be embarrassed. And yes, it will stay between us. I won't tell anyone", she assures him, placing her hand on his thigh.

"That's okay. I'm used to not getting what I want from girls, anyway", he says sadly. "You know I love you, right?", she says. He nods, saying: "I just want to be seen. I can't be somebody else, I'm me", he insists. "I see you", she says. "Not the way I want", he asserts. "Tyler, you're my stepson. I'm married to your father", she emphasizes. "He doesn't deserve you. He never did", Tyler says. "Tyler, it's not like I don't want to", she smiles. "Well, just show me that what you're saying isn't just bullshit", he says.

"Don't be mad", she says. "I'm not. You say all these things and how am I supposed to know if you're lying or not?", he asks. "I guess you'll just have to take my word for it", she admits. "Please", he says. "I don't think I should", she says. "I'm just so lonely", he says. She puts her hand on his thigh and announces: "I'm lonely too", and they kiss again, tenderly. She says: "I just, I don't want to hurt you. I don't want you to have any expectations beyond this moment. Do you understand?". He nods Yes.

"Everything that happens here, no one can know. This has to be between us. I just, I feel like I would be doing you a huge disservice to let you suffer in your loneliness. I want to show you that you're worthy of love too", stepmom says. "Thank you", Tyler says, and they kiss again. She puts his hand on her breast, declaring: "I like to be teased". Watch the taboo romance unfold...

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