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Goodbye, Brother

Runtime: 41:34 | Added: 03/02/2022 | Featuring: Lily Larimar, Nathan Bronson

Categories: Blondes, Blowjob, Creampie, Cumshot, Natural, Petite, Stepsister, Taboo

Video Description:

Alice (Lily Larimar) is on her bed looking at her phone, while stepbrother Dan (Nathan Bronson) stares at her from the doorway. She sees him and greets him: "Dan". "Sorry, it's early. I thought you'd still be asleep", he apologizes. "Come here, I want to show you the grad school I'm going to", she says.

"Grad school?". "Yes, I thought you knew", Alice says. "No, I had no idea", Dan responds. "Look, isn't that cute?", she says, showing him what's on her phone. "Yeah, you're moving?", he asks quizzically. "Yeah, it's halfway across the country -it'll be great. Maybe you can take this room", she says. "No, I want to keep it the way it is. Aren't you going to miss it?, Dan asks. "Not really, I mean I hate it here. I want to go somewhere else and become someone else", she states.

"This is the house you grew up in'', he says. "Yeah, I guess that's true. It's not all good memories, though", she opines. "Some were good for me", he counters. "Really, like what?", she asks. "Getting to know you". Alice laughs and says: "You're making fun of me". "Hey, maybe before you leave we could spend more time together", he suggests. "I'll be real busy. I have a lot to do and moving to another state is a lot of paperwork", she maintains.

"It would mean so much to me. Aren't you going to miss me?", Dan pleads. "I'm not sure. I'm just being honest, it's not like we were that close", Alice says. "I thought we had like a connection", he says. "A connection?". "Yeah, like a spark, something special", he says, smiling broadly. "I think this is the longest conversation we've had", she claims. "Weird. There's always been something between us, so...", he says, putting his hand gently on her thigh. "I make you uncomfortable?", he asks.

"I guess I don't know how to act around you. It's strange -you're my stepbrother, but sometimes you seem like a stranger. Look, I'm going to get ready for my day", she says. "Oh, me too", he says, going to the bedroom door. "Have a good day Dan", she yells. "Have a good day...Alice", he says wistfully.

Later, Alice is sitting on her bed packing. Dan yells: "You're leaving already?". "I'm catching a bus in a few hours", she replies. "I didn't know you were leaving so soon. I thought we'd have more time to hang out. This is all you're packing?", he asks. "My new dorm is going to be small. I'm only bringing the essentials", Alice says."Okay, if you forget anything I'll just ship it out to you, or I can bring it to you in person", he says hopefully. "It's not like you can just drive right over, Dan", she replies.

"You've come a long way from the bratty stepbrother I met two years ago", she says. "That's because I'm older now, and a little bit more serious", he notes. She nods Yes, saying: "It's weird seeing how much you've changed. You were a nerdy kid. Now you're so grown up". "Well, inside I still feel like a nerdy kid", Dan laughs. "Well, you should take a look in the mirror. You're a certified hottie", Alice claims. "Have I changed?", she asks. "Not at all", Dan says. "Is that a good thing? I'm not sure I want to be that bratty 19 year old", she says.

"You were never bratty then, and now that you're 21 you're just more refined. You've always been as kind and warm-hearted as the first time I met you", he claims. "You're gonna make me cry", Alice replies, leaning over to hug Dan. "It's all so strange to me. I didn't know that I cared. I didn't want to care", she says. "It's okay to have feelings", he says. "I don't know what to feel or think", she says, getting up from the bed. "My head just keeps spinning", she says. "Why don't you just sit down", he suggests. She sits down on the bed and Dan puts his arm around her.

"This feels nice", Alice says. "You know, before you leave I really need to tell you something", Dan says. "I think I love you", he says, adding "I'm sorry, don't be mad". "It's a lot to handle. You're my stepbrother", she says. "I wish I didn't have these feelings, okay?", he notes. "I wish you didn't either", she agrees. "Do you hate me?". "Of course not, it's just a lot to handle and I'm leaving soon, Dan", she says.

"Pretend I never said anything", he says. "I can't just do that", she replies. Dan puts his hand on her knee and Alice says "I can't do this". "I love you, Alice", he whispers. "But you're my stepbrother. It's not right", she insists. "If we weren't siblings, would you say the same thing?", Dan asks. "I don't know how to answer that. Maybe it would be different..." she begins, but he interrupts, suddenly kissing her.

"We can't do this", she reiterates. "Alice, I need you", Dan pleads."I'm not sure I'm ready to open my heart and then run away", she says. "You're not running away". "I don't know what I'm feeling. I don't know if I love you or hate you", she says. "That's okay if I repulse you", he says. "Why would you say that?", she reacts. "Because that would make it easier", Dan says. "It would. I wish you'd treat me badly", Alice says.

"I couldn't do that!", he insists. "Too bad -I don't deserve your kindness", Alice says. "I don't need to be so kind", he says. "Please stop -I don't want to hear anymore! I wish you'd just forget about me", she declares. "I'll be here waiting", Dan says. "If we do this, I'll hate myself. I'll hate you", Alice says. "That's a risk I'm willing to take", he says. Alice kisses Dan and hugs him.

"You don't love me -you just want to fuck me", Alice declares. "You don't hate me", he says. "I do", she jokes. He kisses her, saying "I wanted this so long -I love you". "Dan, just stop. I want you to stop talking", she says, and they kiss passionately. Watch the taboo story unfold...

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