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My Devotion

Runtime: 42:46 | Added: 03/23/2024 | Featuring: Chad Alva, Cory Chase

Categories: Blondes, Blowjob, Busty, Cum in Mouth, Cumshot, MILF, Taboo, Titjob

Video Description:

Chad (Alva) is sick and tired of the way his stepmom (Cory Chase) behaves, ever since his father died. She has a holier than thou attitude now, constantly praying, and he thinks she's throwing it in his face.

One day he's had enough, and while they're arguing in the kitchen he grabs Cory and kisses her. "This isn't right!", she objects, as she pulls away from her stepson. "I saw you praying this morning. You know what it reminded me of? Do you remember when you used to get down on your knees and take my cock in your hand, and look up at me like I was your god?", he declares. "Chad! I'm your stepmother!", she protests. "Just remember. You're the one who made the first move", he insists. Before storming off, Cory even blames his father's death on their affair in some part, and leaves Chad bewildered at her attitude.

After this contretemps, Chad visits his mom upstairs in her bedroom and they make up a bit, Cory telling him it wasn't his fault that she kept trying to keep her father in the dark about their forbidden relationship. She kisses him on the forehead in a motherly fashion, and tries to explain how she feels: "I was just being selfish. I see that now, and your father was having his troubles". "Like he couldn't get it up?", Chad insinuates. "I regret telling you that", she replies.

She admits to becoming deeply frustrated, and with Chad living with them, she became obsessed with his cock. To Chad, she's just a hypocrite, with her becoming a prude and rejecting him in her turn to religiosity. It seems like they'll never be able to see eye to eye again on the subject. But Cory is still conflicted -she wants to love Chad, but feels ashamed. "What about God?", she asks him. "Why don't you try worshiping me? At least I'll love you back", Chad suggests. "I want to give in", she admits, "but what if something bad happens again?". "It's not going to, just trust me. Just give in -maybe this is your purpose", Chad contends. "My purpose?", Cory wonders, as she gets down on her knees before him. "Let me worship you", she whispers as she pulls out his erect cock and kisses it tenderly, before taking it in her mouth.

She sucks it eagerly, and pauses to ask: "Am I a good mommy?". Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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