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See You Next Saturday pt. 2

Runtime: 46:48 | Added: 04/28/2023 | Featuring: Lilly Bell, Will Pounder

Categories: Blondes, Cumshot, Hotwife, Natural

Video Description:

In Part 1, the married couple of Julia (Blake Blossom) and Paul (Ryan Driller) pepped up their marriage by going to a New Age retreat for the weekend, and then having dom/sub love together with Paul in charge. Blake telling her hubby that she had cheated with a co-worker and even let him cum inside her is a key element of getting Paul aroused.

For Part 2, our couple welcomes their friends Vance (Will Pounder) and Christina (Lilly Bell) to their home for the evening, and tries to convince them of the glories of having an open marriage, as long as each partner is completely truthful with the other. Julia even declares she's planning to have another fling with Mark from work, and Paul is fine with that. Christina and Vance balk at this notion, and excuse themselves early from the "eccentric" couple, finding the suggestion of such free-wheeling behavior ridiculous.

Back home in bed, Vance and Julia scoff at the notion of accepting infidelity, but when she starts rubbing Vance's groin through his pajamas, he begs off, tired and wanting to go to sleep. Perhaps they, too, need something to spice up their marriage after all. With Vance almost instantly fast asleep, Julia resorts to masturbation, wetting her fingers and playing with her pussy, but it fails to excite her, so she turns off the light and heads for slumberland as well.

Next day, Julia tries again, masturbating in their bathroom while Vance works nearby. Meanwhile, Paul gets off masturbating while listening to his hotwife Julia on the phone giving play-by-play as she's serviced again by Mark. Meeting at a cafe, Vance asks his friend how he does it, noting that he feels guilty about almost cheating on Christina last year. Paul suggests he confess this, including the "almost" (Vance chickened out at the last minute and remained faithful), and also that the two of them should try out the New Age retreat -it might open them to a freer sexual lifestyle.

The girls also have a similar chat, as Christina is feeling further and further away from her husband these days. Julia suggests Christina should hook up with a well-hung guy she knows from their gym, and that could spice things up, and she gives C the guy's phone number. Out of desperation, Christina calls him, but just as he answers the phone she's interrupted by her husband entering their bedroom. Vance admires her new nightie and goes down on her pussy, then energetically humps her, cumming twice. The segment ends on a cliffhanger: will the couple follow their friends' example and start cheating, hoping that telling the truth is the secret sauce to keep their marriage upbeat?

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