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Three's a Crowd? pt.2

Runtime: 46:49 | Added: 02/03/2020 | Featuring: Casey Calvert, Codey Steele, Michael Vegas

Categories: Anal, Blowjob, Brunettes, Cuckold, Cumshot, Double Penetration, Natural, Threesome

Video Description:

Ava (Casey Calvert) has made love to her husband's best friend.  The business is done and she feels so ashamed for enjoying it as much as she did.  It feels so confusing.  She doesn't know if her husband truly loves her, how could he if he was so eager to pass her along like a fuck doll to his best friend?
Ava sits down with her husband Drew (Codey Steele), and his best friend Dan (Michael Vegas).  She tells them that she made a mistake.  Dan is very understanding and Drew is confused.  "You said you liked it?  You said you came?!"  Ava looks at him with hurtful eyes.  Dan breaks the tension, he asks, "what turns you on?  Do you have any secret fantasies?"  Ava tells the story about how she often touches herself to a fantasy of several men taking her, one after the other.  The men aren't rough, but loving, they care about her pleasure. They cum inside her, one after the other, and she orgasms right along with them.  She looks at her husband and their mutual friend, she knows that the two of them want to satisfy her fantasy.  Her panties get wet from the idea of it.
Watch the story unfold..



Please keep this going. I agree with others in wondering if the other wife could be brought in realistically


Wonderful production. Credible, well written and sensitive storyline. A cast that gel'd and clearly loved working with each other. So much potential -- she does like breaking her guidelines, doesn't she? No pass for Cassidy, eh? I'll believe her even if her actions belie/contradict her intent. Dear MissA, you have the genisis of a great serial here -- not a series but a bona fide serial -- something that has, sadly, always been missing from modern adult etertainment for several decades. What's next: foursome, FFM threeway, light BDSM, sex club, different exploration paths with each of the men...? So many avenues open to you, MissA, as the writer and director; I don't see how you can go wrong with such a lovely, lovely (core) ensemble as those three actors. Bravo!


Another vote for future installments in this series. My fiancée and I are new users, and enjoying the content. We would love to see other mfm scenes where the focus is on the woman’s desires/pleasures. Also scenes where the male partner is a voyeur and capturing the angst of enjoyment mixed with trepidation of not being in control. Keep up the great work!


Suggestion - have part 3 as Casey wanting more partners but wanting her husband to watch making it "be careful what you wish for" type of scenarios. As stated - just a suggestion


Really hoping for a part 3 or even 4


Echoing SidewalkEnforcer, this was sensitively and respectfully done. It's beautiful. I love how much you've taken time with scenes in this series, and how the draw of having/sharing has some emotional conflict with it, but can still be erotic and clean even when she wants to be dirty. Wonderful performances. Just outstanding.


Need more content like this, defo the best scenes on this site. Would love a part 3 or another series similar to this.


Not an anal fan.


Rara8584: Thank you for your suggestion. Codey is a super sexy guy, but more importantly, he's great to work with, and his co-stars love him! In this scene, Casey Calvert recommended we hire Codey specifically. It's clear that the two had great chemistry in this scene, don't you think? NitroGene: I am beyond thrilled that the acting is important to you in a scene. I feel the very same way. Balmoral: I am sorry that you do not like this scene, but hopefully you will like our next. MobyOcean: Thanks for taking the time to write! Charlotte's character could be very fun to write for, but she is such a prude! She won't even say the word "blow job," so we'd have to write the scene all about getting her out of her shell. I love the way you think. SideWalkEnforcer: I agree that Casey was the perfect woman for her role. She is truly the sweet girl next door with a naughty streak. Obsidian: Thank you for your suggestion, and your recent comments. I appreciate that you take the time to let me know what you like. I had to laugh when you wrote, "How funny is it that's she's alright with it so long as he doesn't ask her for a free pass?" I think you mean to point out that it is funny that Casey is happy to fulfill her own "and Codey's" fantasy, so long as he does not ask her permission to sleep with another woman? It's a contradiction, for sure, but I suppose we women have the power to give these conditions, even if they aren't fair. Thank you for pointing out the humor in it. I didn't intend for that part to be funny, but I suppose it is! MarioCaballero: Thank you for your comment. I am so glad you guys love when the sex is careful and very consensual. It speaks volumes about how sweet and kind you guys must be in your real lives. Trackman: Thank you for your comment on anal, duly noted. I will give you more vaginal scenes. Did you know they are less expensive to film? To the anal fans, I will try to satisfy you as well. I'm here to listen to you guys, all of you, and try my very best to satisfy! Thank you all, again!


This I like. A sweet, innocent wife who dreams about dirty things but never has intentions of doing anything wrong or dirty, and all it takes for her is somebody asking her, "what is your fantasy?" During the sex the two guys are careful with her, as she proudly said, "I am a good girl," and so they treat her nice and gentle. The two guys clearly care a lot about her pleasure, and it was joyful to watch. I also think that Michael Vegas is an exceptional actor, his talent and effort is evident here. Good job Casey and all those involved in this production. Thank you for the website, MissaX.com.


How funny is it that she's alright with it so long as he doesn't ask her for a free pass? Oh, women! I do love the new DP genre, Missa, please keep them coming, I've placed my vote already. Thumbs UP! Casey is cute as a button and I love her unadulterated body. This story is tastefully done, but can a DP scene be done similarly in the taboo realm (idea: bratty stepdaughter tricks her stepbrother and his friend).


I liked the that the DP scene was sensitive, the actors were constantly checking in with one another. "Does this feel good?" "I like this." It's rare to see a DP scene in porn that fully consensual, and I've never seen a DP scene as loving as this one. I like this scene mainly because of the good story connected with it, but also because the actors were incredibly believable. It was almost as if I was watching in as an invisible fly on the wall, I believed these characters were REAL, maybe people that I know, and I was watching their intimate conflict, conversations, and that oh-so-beautiful-sexy resolution. I like all three actors and I would recommend all three come back and to more scenes, especially Casey Calvert-- she's the perfect sweet girl next door with a hidden naughty streak.


I hope you bring in the other wife!


some may luv this but not for me and ironic I have been member because missa does not do hard main stream porn...need to add Casey is a favorite of mine just not in this type of scene....Michael as a crossover also perhaps miscast. But still perhaps one of best sites out there


Casey’s acting has got to be one of the best in the industry...sex scene is perfect but damn that acting made me (almost) forget the sex scene....almost!


more more Codey!

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