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Let Them Talk II pt. 1

Runtime: 44:12 | Added: 10/10/2022 | Featuring: Dick Chibbles, Juan Loco, Penny Barber

Categories: Blowjob, Brunettes, Busty, Creampie, Lingerie, MILF, Taboo

Video Description:

Penny (Barber) is doing the dishes in her kitchen, ear phones on, when her husband Peter (Dick Chibbles) sneaks up behind her -home early from a convention. She rubs her ass against his hard cock, closes her eyes as she lays her head back on his chest, she coo's "Mmm.. Benny." The man steps back and she's startled when she turns around -uh oh! Hubby's none too pleased with her behavior, he looks at her with new eyes. She's not his innocent and loving wife as she has always seemed, she is a woman who thinks it's perfectly normal to rub her ass into her stepson's raging hard boner.

Peter has suspected that Penny is shamelessly flirting with his son, but now he thinks that it's probable that she is having an affair on him, with his own son! He asks her with a heavy heart, "do you still love me?" Benny (Juan Loco) interrupts their quarrel, and his stepmother and father try to act natural and pleasant. Peter jokes about lending the youngster his prized Ford Mustang, proud of the many sexual conquests he made in its back seat in his youth. It's Peter's secret hope that his little guy will use that car to find someone his own age, leaving his wife to him. That night Penny comes to Benny's bedroom, dressed in sexy red lingerie. She's carrying on an affair with her stepson, but Benny is reluctant to continue. "He knows, mom", he tells her.

"So you found a younger woman to satisfy you?", she accuses. "Stop it. She's your age", he says, talking about his girlfriend Vicky (Slimthick Vic). "So that's it -we're over?", mom asks. Benny nods Yes. "No more, shower sex? No more, late night blowjobs?", she murmurs, rubbing his crotch. "No", Benny says. Penny starts kissing him, and unable to resist, Benny begins undressing his stepmom, revealing her bountiful bosom, all while she continues to stroke his dick through his shorts. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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