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Slide pt.1 & pt.2

Runtime: 01:03:18 | Added: 01/16/2021 | Featuring: Aila Donovan, Brad Newman, Kit Mercer, Ryan Mclane, Seth Gamble

Categories: Blondes, Blowjob, Brunettes, Busty, Cumshot, MILF, Natural, Seduction

Video Description:

Aila Donovan sits in a dark interrogation room waiting to be released. She fully believes that her attorney, Seth Gamble, is capable of getting her out of there. She feels cautiously optimistic that any reasonable person will understand her predicament. Seth walks in and drops the file of evidence and charges against her on the table, "if I was sitting where you were; I'd take the deal." Aila recoils at the thought, "You want me to plead guilty to second degree murder? So what..? So I can spend the rest of my life in prison?" Seth rolls his eyes and scoffs, "you'll be out in 10-15 years max." "But I didn't do it." "It doesn't matter, what matters is what the evidence shows." Aila begins to panic. If her own attorney doesn't believe her, how will the court believe her? "The evidence? What about all the women he cheated on me with? What about the times he sent me to the hospital?" Seth presses his lips together as he explains that, "all of that just proves you had a motive." He wants to believe her, so he presses her again to explain what really happened that night.
Aila caught him cheating once more, but her husband tried to charm her with plane tickets to France. She laughed at him, how stupid does he think she is to accept gifts as payments each and every time he betrays her? But he has a way about him, the way he looks at her, touches her, he makes her feel that this will be the last time. He makes her believe he is honestly sincere, and that things will go back to the way they used to be. It's what every woman wants, assurance that the future will look just as perfect as the first time they fell in love. Aila's lips tingle when he kisses her. She tries to resist the urge to give in, to make love to him is like accepting his apology. He wants to make her feel good, to make her back arch as he takes off her clothes, kisses her breasts, her wet pussy, her body aches to be fucked by her strong husband. She feels vulnerable in his strong arms, she feels like she belongs.

Scene 2
Aila is on the stand in the courtroom. Her long chestnut hair is pulled neatly to the side as she is being interviewed by her attorney, Seth. "What happened next?" Aila explains that her husband seemed impatient after they made love, as if he was running late for some urgent appointment. He wouldn't tell her what he had to do, only that he "was going to the office." Naturally, Aila was suspicious, so she followed him. "Was he at the office?" "No," she responds curtly, "The Starlight Motel." When she pulled up to the old, forgettable road-side motel with a handful of units, she saw a 'do not disturb' sign on one of the doors. Seth leans sympathetically on the witness stand, "did you go in?" "The door was locked." Seth nods, "that's why your fingerprints were found on the door knob."

Prosecutor Kit Mercer stands and begins to question the witness. Kit's facial features are girlish, but her sexy pencil skirt, professional blouse, short blonde hair-cut, and her mature tone-of-voice makes her presence respectable and almost-intimidating. Aila summons her courage as she sits back in her chair and prepares to be drilled.

Kit sits at a bar, feeling defeated as she goes over the case as Seth walks in and sits beside her. Kit is both annoyed and happy to have the company as she asks, "how can you defend people like that?" "I believe in due process," Seth casually replies. Kit scoffs, "I miss when you were an alcoholic, at least back then you had a conscience you were trying to drown." Seth smiles as he sips on his ginger-ale, "I just swapped one addiction for another." Kit coyly asks "and what's that?" "Sex," Seth replies as he stares deeply into Kit's eyes.

Seth and Kit are at his place, kissing passionately and aggressively as they stumble through the door. They rip off each others clothes with equal parts desire and anger. Kit lets Seth take control. She happily submits to him. She spends all day being dominant and assertive, and she wants to give up control in bed.



Only 2 things I would’ve changed in this scene. For Kit to keep the bra on, just pull under her tits, and for there to be a huge facial. More Kit and Reagan Foxx please


Two very hot sex scenes and the atmosphere of intrigue adds a lot to the mix. Aila Donovan is gorgeous, like that cola commercial model's sexier younger sister. Her resisting at first and then getting into it is well done and inspiring. Kit Mercer's strong confidence is also a turn-on. I hope to see more of both these actresses.


More Aila Donovan please! This was hot.


Kit mercer sex scene 10/10


The Mrs. said this is "an art piece," in the porn realm. I couldn't agree with her more. Happy wife, happy life!


Kit Mercer x Seth Gamble. What an incredible scene! Kit Mercer is one of my favouite pornstars today, so I had to jump straight into her scene first. I watched the beginning of the film and skipped Aila Donovan x Ryan Mclane’s scene which I intend to get back to before pt.3 and pt.4 is released. This story is already phenomenal. I already know that by the end of this year this Kit Mercer x Seth Gamble scene will rank very high on my scenes for 2021. Yes, I’m calling it already. The passion, the sex, the positions, the camera angles etc etc. I was left in awe and at times shaking my head at this performance. Wow, Wow. As long as Kit Mercer is dishing out scenes for MissaX…. TAKE MY MONEY!


Great plot! Great sex! Can’t wait to see where this goes.


More Ryan Mclane Pls? 😁😁


What a unique story. I totally did not expect this, but I'm enjoying it. I can't wait to see the next parts.

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